Why invest in Ether in 2022 » PACA’s economic and political letter

The cryptocurrency of the Ethereum project has gained momentum since its official launch in July 2015.

Considered the direct challenger of Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency is attracting more and more investors and gaining ground around the world.

Despite being six years behind its launch compared to that of the first cryptocurrency, Ether has surpassed all its peers by becoming the first crypto currency in terms of usage. In this article, you will discover some reasons why you should invest in Ether.

Ether: what is it concretely?

Often confused with Ethereum, which is a decentralized open-source blockchain, Ether is a cryptographic currency launched in 2015 and part of the Ethereum project. Ether is mined from blocks on the Ethereum blockchain. But the Ethereum project itself goes far beyond cryptocurrency. For more information on Ether, please follow this bitcoin 360 ai reviews.

Indeed, you will find in addition to Ether which is the most famous product of the Ethereum network because of its popular use in online peer-to-peer transactions:

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are a digital revolution. Considered by many as a new form of the Internet, they decentralize the computer system online. Indeed, since the decentralization of the Internet, all personal user data was stored and managed by multinational digital technology companies. These are essentially the GAFAMs (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft). Today, applications or software created using smart contract technology no longer need the servers of these digital giants to contain their data. These operate through a network of personal computers connected to each other and which forms a decentralized computer system.

Thus, thanks to this offer from the Ethereum project, it is no longer mandatory for a developer to necessarily host the content of his application on a central server. Beyond the encrypted virtual currency that is Ether, Ethereum has also decentralized and liberated the internet.

To program an application with smartscontracts, the developer must use the “Solidity” computer language. A programming language specific to Ethereum and which resembles the JavaScript language. For those who already have previous knowledge in computer programming, this language is rather simple to learn.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine

The Ethereum Virtual Machine is like a decentralized operating system. Indeed, it is this virtual machine that executes the different smartscontracts. To obtain a smart contract to develop your decentralized application, you should use this Ethereum service. For this, you will have to pay in Ether, the cryptographic currency of the network.


Gas is the fuel of the Ethereum network. It is the virtual unity which regulates the whole system. To access and work on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the user must provide gas, which is purchasable exclusively in Ether. A unit of gas can for example execute a whole line of code. The more complex your smart contract project is, the more gas you will provide.

Why should you invest in Ether?

You should invest in Ether for many reasons.

Ether is built on a solid project

Unlike some cryptocurrencies that are not created from any project, Ether belongs to a whole network of projects. A guarantee of survival that undoubtedly protects this cryptographic currency against disappearance. Every day, new decentralized applications are created. And these are done from Ethereum services. Programmers will always use Ether to get their smart contracts.

By buying Ether, you are sure and certain to find buyers to take back your currency as soon as you want.

Ether is the most widely used crypto currency

When it comes to the use of cryptographic currency, theEther is the first ahead of Bitcoin. It is also the second cryptocurrency to cross the threshold of €200 billion in market capitalization. Investing in this virtual currency will allow you to hold a currency that you can easily trade or use.

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Why invest in Ether in 2022 » PACA’s economic and political letter

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