“Wokisme”, “covid”, “fluid genre”… What are the new words in the Petit Robert dictionary?

The 2023 edition of Petit Robert contains new definitions, the terms of which have been widely used in recent news, particularly in health.

Health, societal and environmental issues are an integral part of the choice of new words that enter the dictionary of Petit Robert 2023.

The words of Covid-19

Among the new definitions established, the terms used during the Covid-19 pandemic are not missing. Thus, there are, for example:

  • long covid : Whose symptoms persist.
  • Covided, ed : Who has Covid.
  • swab : Take a sample (in a natural cavity) using a swab.
  • Carrying : Ability of a person, an animal to transmit a germ (➙ carrier). Vaccine that prevents the carriage and circulation of a virus.

The vocabulary of new technologies and cyber

In addition to the medical field, the vocabulary of new technologies, regularly used in recent years, is also emerging.

  • Grazer : Scammer who traps his victims on the Internet.
  • Cyber ​​espionage : Espionage practiced by infiltrating computer systems to seize strategic data.
  • harpooning : Targeted Phishing
  • NFT : ANGLICISM. Cryptographic certificate associated with a digital object (image, video, music, etc.) whose authenticity and traceability are guaranteed by the blockchain. Digital works of art exchange in the form of NFTs. The NFT is a title deed, the value of which depends on the price of cryptocurrencies. – This digital asset. The NFT market.

Sexuality, gender, and discrimination

Among the societal issues, the words used in themes concerning gender, sexuality or discrimination are also defined. It includes in particular:

  • Cancel culture : DIDACTIC (english cancel culture). Culture of cancellation, aimed at ostracizing anyone deemed offensive by their words or actions.
  • Culture of erasure : Culture of erasureaimed at banishing from the public space or from the collective memory of personalities, works, in the name of certain values ​​(recommend officiate. to replace anglicism cancel culture).
  • conversion therapy : conversion therapyclaiming to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity (prohibited in many countries).
  • degender : Remove any distinction based on gender to promote diversity and equality.
  • gender fluid : (English gender fluid) Gender fluid, characterized by fluctuations in gender identity.
  • gender identity : The gender with which the person identifies. “Gender identity is the sex in which the subject recognizes himself” (J.-D. Vincent).
  • They : Subject pronoun of the third person singular (iel) and plural (iels), used to refer to a person regardless of gender. They define themselves as non-binary. The trainees have received the documents that they must sign. “In the plural iels can be practical, iels rather than them to say: people, designate a crowd, a mixed group. (C. Delaume).
  • Woke : 2017 ◊ African-American slang “awake”, from to wake “to wake up”. ANGLICISM. Who is aware of and offended by the injustices and discrimination suffered by minorities and mobilizes to fight them, sometimes in an intransigent way (mostly pejorative, denigrating) ➙ aware, committed, vigilant. – NOT. The wokes. ♦ N. m This movement, this thought. ➙ wokism. ” The excesses of the woke, very real and heartbreaking » (P. Ndiaye) (cf. Culture of effacement).
  • Wokism : 2020 ◊ from woke ANGLICISM (often pejorative). Current of thought of American origin which denounces injustice and discrimination; movement, woke thought.

environmental words

Ecology and environmental themes are of course also present.

  • Dome of heat: METEOROLOGY. Closed system of high pressure (anticyclone) under which a stationary zone of high heat is created.
  • Eco-anxiety : Anxiety caused by environmental threats to our planet.
  • Ecoguard : Warden responsible for the management and surveillance of natural areas, the protection of natural heritage and the preservation of biodiversity.
  • Small island of urban heat: METEOROLOGY. Localized area characterized by very high temperatures.
  • Greening image: abusive attribution of ecological qualities to a product, a brand. ➙ (ecological) bleaching, eco-bleaching. Recomm. officiate. for greenwashing.

Gastronomy, culture and colloquial words

For this 2023 edition, the Petit Robert dictionary has also included definitions of gourmet dishes, such as “white coffee” (hot drink, water flavored with orange blossom water), or even “the labneh / labneh” (Drained fresh cheese traditionally prepared with goat’s or sheep’s milk -Middle Eastern specialty-).

Concerning the words used in the cultural field, we find the definition of the name “instagramer : Person (influencer, content creator) who carries out his activity by publishing photos and videos on his Instagram account”, or “viewing : Bulimic viewing : fact of watching as a result of many episodes of a series. Recomm. officiate. for binge-watching“.

Finally, some words used in colloquial language are also presented:

  • Lease : Something that cannot be named. ➙ thing, thing. I have a story to tell you. – Business, ill-defined project. ” And what are the bails now? (E. Bayamack-Tam). Do you have a lease for tonight?.
  • Chiller : Have a good time doing nothing.
  • embarrassment : Feeling of embarrassment, uneasiness experienced in an embarrassing situation. What a moment of embarrassment!
  • GB : 1997 ◊ from a West African language (Bambara) FAMILIAR. Young girl, young woman, girlfriend.
  • Toubab : We encounter the form babtou (verlan). PEJORATIVE Babtou fragile: weak person, who poses as a victim.


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“Wokisme”, “covid”, “fluid genre”… What are the new words in the Petit Robert dictionary?

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