$23.4 billion: focus on the exceptional loot of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021

More, always more – Long criticized and mocked by traditional stock market investors, cryptocurrencies have finally established themselves as serious assets. If we take the case of France, the ADAN report argued that retail investors owned more cryptocurrencies than stocks. But what about internationally? The figures released by the financial services consulting firm Opimas allow us to get an idea.

Binance vs. NYSE

At present, cryptocurrencies still remain an emerging market that is not attached to the traditional stock market. Except if we take into account the IPO of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Coinbase for example.

However, it is on the side of the crypto-exchanges that we must look, because they are the ones that allow individuals to buy their first cryptos and that their trading volumes, as well as their income can enlighten us on the state of this market which is perhaps no longer so emerging as that. Note, for example, that the revenues generated by the centralized exchange platforms have reached 23.4 billion of dollars in 2021. This performance allowed them to overtake traditional stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq.

As we touched on in the introduction, financial services consultancy Opima released a dataset that shows us that revenue from centralized exchanges increased by 700% in 2021 !

To give you an idea, the report estimates that the gains of the exchanges have been multiplied by 7 compared to the $3.4 billion sales recorded in 2020 and were 60% higher than the few $15.2 billion provided by traditional scholarships.

“This is quite a change from just a year earlier, when traditional exchanges had revenues four times higher than exchanges in the crypto world”

Suzannah Balluffi, crypto analyst at Opimas.

“Old and venerable names like the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Deutsche Borse and CME have all been left behind by crypto startups Binance and Coinbase. »

As you can imagine, it’s Binance who is doing very well with a transaction volume on the SPOT market, which has gone from 49% in 2020at 60% in 2021 .

Transaction volumes on the SPOT market of the various exchanges between 2020 and 2021 (in %)

Coinbase is therefore the only exchange listed on the stock exchange to declare a total turnover of 7.8 billion dollars in 2021, compared to 1.3 billiondollars in 2020.

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The eye of regulation is still watching

However, let’s not declare victory too soon, because these excellent results are part of a particularly pronounced regulatory context.

As we can see, cryptocurrency exchanges are far ahead of traditional exchanges when it comes to turnover and profits.
Turnover and profits of the different exchanges (EBITDA = Gross Operating Surplus)

Between the recent Executive Order of President Joe Biden which directed federal departments and agencies to produce recommendations for the oversight of the digital asset industry.

And the SEC, which is getting into battle order to strengthen the regulation of cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the months or years to come. It’s a safe bet that the year 2022 will be rich in twists and turns!

Anyway, these figures show that at least the cryptocurrency market is doing very well or that centralized exchangers, although they are frowned upon by part of the crypto community, are still taking on more and more new users. Which is a good thing for the ecosystem. We just have to wait and see what sauce we are going to be eaten.

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$23.4 billion: focus on the exceptional loot of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021

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