Aptos Price Prediction (APT) – How far it can go? – The ₿log

The APT token, the native cryptocurrency of the Aptos network, however, was launched after the launch of the mainnet. Currently trading at $9.42, with a market capitalization of $1,225,034,446 and a fully diluted market cap of $9,541,274,849, the token peaked at over $50 before experiencing a drop to $6.7.

Given the extreme volatility of this newly launched token, the question of what it will become deserves an explanation.

The APT token is a new cryptocurrency, with little historical data, but there are several important considerations to take into account, including the coin’s circulating supply versus its total supply. Out of a total supply of one billion tokens, 130 million are currently in circulation. This leaves room for further token outflows, which could negatively impact the price of the APT token over time.

The tokenomic of the token must also be taken into account. The community is to receive 51% of the overall supply, part of which has been airdrop.

In addition, 16.5% goes to the foundation, 13.48% to investors, and 19% to core contributors, which are basically the team.

Even though the tokens are time-locked and issued, they can still be staked and the rewards can be sold on the market, which could cause the price to drop.

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The current state of the market cryptocurrencies and the state of the global economy will also impact the price of the APT token. Although the project needs to demonstrate its viability over time to see a satisfactory price increase, most indicators suggest that the token may not peak in the near future.

Even though the token has moved from its recent $6 support to around $9, it can still dip to $6 or lower.

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Aptos Price Prediction (APT) – How far it can go? – The ₿log

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