BitDCE Officially Cooperates With Simplex To Start

Hong Kong, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BitDCE company has already entered into a cooperation with Simplex, and the platform has started to form a new combined ecosystem of “Global Easy + Global Payment + Global Purchase”, and has become the one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges in the world that support payments such as Visa and Master. At present, BitDCE platform users can transact cryptocurrency via visa, Master, etc., each transaction can reach up to $20,000, cover the legal tender of more than 97 countries to buy cryptocurrencies and support multiple systems like PC, IOS and Android to use.

The BitDCE exchange is a comprehensive trading platform covering spot digital currencies, contracts, legal tender, cryptocurrency derivatives, and other commodities. It is convenient and fast to use VISA, Master, etc. To buy digital currency. Strict KYC auditing procedures will prevent criminals to better protect the security of assets and funds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and users. When using Visa, Master, etc. to pay and buy cryptocurrencies on the BitDCE exchange, select the menu bar and the entry will appear automatically. As one of the optional payment methods on the platform, it will provide BitDCE users with a better and more convenient payment experience.

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BitDCE has chosen to cooperate with Simplex in the payment ecosystem at this time, which is based on recognizing the strength of both parties, and also aims to contribute to building a high encryption system payment ecosystem. quality in the future. As the global industry leader in crypto ecosystem solution providers, Simplex’s mission is to “make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone”, which coincides with the BitDCE team’s pursuit of creating a new “Global Easy + Global Payment + Global Purchase” ecosystem. With the formation of the BitDCE “Global Easy + Global Payment + Global Purchase” ecosystem, it will surely become the flagship of the global crypto system payment ecosystem in the future. It is estimated that cryptocurrency-linked cards and other emerging payments could subvert the global level of trillions of dollars a year in cash and check payments.

What is BitDCE’s global payment ecosystem:

BitDCE’s payment ecology refers to cooperation with the world’s leading payment platforms, supporting online payment services such as VISA and MASTER globally, supporting fiat or fiat currency transaction services. digital assets. Cardholders will be implemented using crypto currency wallets in over 70 million commercial users worldwide.

About Simplex:

Simplex is an EU licensed financial institution and Tier 1 service provider providing complete fiat infrastructure to the crypto industry. Simplex treats every crypto transaction payment with a 100% guarantee – in the event of a fraudulent chargeback, merchants will be indemnified by Simplex.

In September 2021, Nuvei, one of the world’s leading payments providers, acquired Simplex to provide partners with payment solutions for richer financial products and make it easier for everyone to buy cryptocurrencies.


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BitDCE Officially Cooperates With Simplex To Start

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