Bitget launches the Fund Custody wallet to secure the biggest investors

Bitget Wallet – As 2022 has been punctuated with hacks and deceptions, and the FTX affair continues to reverberate through our lines, many in the crypto ecosystem are keen to strengthen and increase their security. The goal? May they never lose their funds. In this direction, Bitget, renowned crypto platform, yesterday announced the launch of a new portfolio: the Fund Custody. This service, intended for professional investors and institutions, allowsoptimize the protection of client funds by providing them with so-called “dedicated” wallets. Explanations.

Bitget’s Fund Custody secures professional and institutional investors

Bitget, founded in 2018, offers a range of trading services, like the majority of crypto platforms we know. Indeed, the exchange is committed to providing a secure and centralized cryptocurrency trading solution. The latter is already used by more than 8 million users in more than 100 countries around the world.

With numerous partnerships, in particular with the world-famous Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi, the crypto platform is also an organizer of e-sports events. In this global and popular dynamic, one of the priorities of Bitget is naturally the safety of its users.

But then, what good is the Fund Custody ? Bitget wishes to offer its professional and institutional clients a real fortress to protect their funds. A storage of their crypto assets in a separate wallet. Thus, BTC, ETH and other crypto-assets will be put aside, warm as in a safe.

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Bitget’s Fund Custody Wallet Eligibility Requirements

the Fund Custody from Bitget therefore offers wallets to eligible accounts. However, in order to benefit from this exclusive serviceone condition must be met: have a value of at least 100,000USDT on the Bitget platform (spot, futures, Bitget Earn… all the platform’s crypto services are combined).

When the request is approved, it will then be possible for the professional or the institution to benefit from an additional custody portfolio. This wallet will have a different address than your main wallet. Your crypto-eggs will not all be in the same basket.

Bitget is an exchange among the world leaders which today publishes its proof of reserve
Bitget was one of the first platforms to demonstrate its proof of reserve

The Bitget wallet: no trust without security

As we mentioned, security is an essential point in the development of Bitget for a Iserene investment. The crypto platform has also recently updated its merkle treeconfirming the following reserve report:

  • BTC reserves are 650% owned;
  • USDT reserves are 185% owned;
  • ETH reserves are 237% owned.

Furthermore, the exchange undertakes to hold client assets in accordance with the reserve ratio of 1:1. Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitgetconfirms this desire to increase the security of its users:

“Protecting our customers’ assets is, and always will be, our top priority at Bitget. (…) In addition to the security offered by our $300 million Bitget protection fund and proof of reserves from the Merkle tree, we are proud to announce our Fund Custody service. This service, equipped with industrial-grade security systems and dedicated addresses for qualified users, will further enhance transparency and security for our users and their funds.”

As you will have understood, the security of your funds is Bitget’s priority for this year 2023. If you are one of the eligible users, the Fund Custody may be Bitget’s ultimate weapon to keep your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies safe in order to stay warm in crypto winter.

For you, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will soon be at the heart of the daily life of each of us. You can expose yourself to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens on the rising exchange. Sign up now on Bitget and begin to familiarize yourself with this world (commercial link).

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Bitget launches the Fund Custody wallet to secure the biggest investors

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