CryptoWire Will Soon Launch A Multi-exchange Transaction Execution Platform: CEO

After registering one million user downloads for its global crypto super app, CryptoWire now aims to launch a multi-exchange trade execution platform for its user base from this app.

Through this move, CryptoWire Super App will become an aggregator offering its users the choice to transact on any of the top 20 crypto exchanges in the world, Joseph Massey, Managing Director and CEO of CryptoWire told BusinessLine.

“We now have one million people who have installed the CryptoWire app. Some of them would like to trade so we thought we would take them to the next segment which is to ensure that anyone who wants to trade can use our app to route orders to whatever exchange they want. We are preparing for the top 20 exchanges. Some will be very large global exchanges and most national exchanges. That’s up to the end user,” Massey said.

Exchange Features

CryptoWire is neither a crypto exchange nor a cryptocurrency, the CEO said.

“We won’t do exchanges but we will try to get the best exchanges in the world on board our app. The user must comply with the exchange and can start trading them using our infrastructure. We will help them route orders to different markets. We will give them intelligence and enforcement capabilities,” he added.

Massey said that CryptoWire, which has seen one million user downloads in five months since its launch in December 2021, is trying to move forward and make inroads in the crypto industry so that most people’s requirements are met. satisfied in one place.

“That’s where the role of an aggregator helps. The natural progression that we do is people who have come to us if they have business interests then they can be happy with anything and they can also go and execute a trade on the exchange they want to use,” he said. -he declares.

Massey said CryptoWire will go live with its multi-exchange trade execution platform at a “strategically opportune time,” which he said was not too far away.

“Today, everyone has an exchange-specific app. Now, if a user wants to operate on two exchanges, he needs two applications. What we are doing is that in one app, multiple exchanges will be connected,” he added.

One-stop solution

CryptoWire is intended to act as a one-stop solution for all aspects related to digital assets. It gives real-time information and news on crypto prices, quotes and cryptocurrency-related data and also offers information on blockchain technology, the backbone of the crypto world.

It may be recalled that CryptoWire, which is a strategic business unit of Tickerplant, announced earlier this year the launch of the first Indian cryptocurrency index – IC15. This aimed to build knowledge about the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

The IC15 is a rules-based broad market index by market capitalization, which tracks and measures the performance of the top 15 liquid cryptocurrencies that are widely traded and listed on the world’s major crypto exchanges.

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April 30, 2022

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CryptoWire Will Soon Launch A Multi-exchange Transaction Execution Platform: CEO

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