Do Kwon from Terra made a suspicious transfer of 3,310 BTC shortly after his arrest warrant was issued. – The Inquirer 🇫🇷

As the widely publicized Terraform Labs saga continues to unravel, a suspicious bitcoin (BTC) transfer was discovered from the cryptocurrency platform’s CEO, Do Kwon, immediately after his warrant was issued. ;stop.

Indeed, shortly after the announcement that South Korean prosecutors had issued an arrest warrant for the CEO of Terra (LUNA), around 3,313 BTC were suddenly transferred from Do Kwon to two foreign cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinDesk Korea reported September 27.

A crypto wallet suddenly appears

Considering the price of bitcoin at press time, this means the amount transferred to the KuCoin and OKX wallets was worth approximately $66.65 million. The transfers were made from a Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) crypto wallet established on September 15, a day after an arrest warrant was issued for Do Kwon for violating foreign exchange laws. securities.

As CoinDesk Korea writing :

“The Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) Virtual Asset Wallet which was suddenly launched on September 15 on Binance, the world’s largest virtual asset exchange. Around 3313 BTC were transferred to Kucoin and OKX wallets. »

As a reminder, Do Kwon established LFG as a non-profit organization to protect LUNA’s prize pools. According to data from Crypto Data Analytics Platform. CryptoQuant3,313 Bitcoin were transferred to KuCoin from September 15 to 18, while OKX received 1,959 BTC.

Freeze transfers

At the same time, South Korean prosecutors took steps to freeze Do Kwon-related assets, sending requests to KuCoin and OKX to freeze the transferred 3,313 BTC, Bloomberg’s Bloomberg’s Sangmi Cha and Tanzeel Akhtar, September 27.

According CoinDesk Korea, KuCoin froze 1,354 BTC of the transferred assets, while OKX ignored the request as the 1,959 may have already been moved to another exchange.

Do Kwon still insists that he does not show up.

After denying he was on the run after an arrest warrant was issued a week ago, Do Kwon took to Twitter again to say he was not on the run. to reiterate that he was not hiding from the authorities, as he said:

In mid-August, Do Kwon broke his silence in his first public interview since the collapse of his project set off a devastating domino effect on the entire cryptocurrency landscape, as reported by Theinquirer.

Featured image via terra youtube.

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Do Kwon from Terra made a suspicious transfer of 3,310 BTC shortly after his arrest warrant was issued. – The Inquirer 🇫🇷

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