Kraken lists BNC, FIDA, and OGN for US and Canadian users.

On Tuesday, May 10, Kraken, the leading US cryptocurrency exchange announced that Bifrost (BNC), bonfida (IFAD) and Origin Protocol (NGOs) are now listed for residents of the United States and Canada. According to the official statement, the tokens are available in most countries.

A sneak peek at Kraken’s new listing

Kraken pointed out that the negotiation and exchange of these 3 projects between Canada and the United States has now begun. Deposits for all of these digital assets require at least 20 confirmations, with the exception of FIDA, which is almost instant and also available in the Kraken Pro interface. Among other things, Kraken will be launching more tokens in the near future, although its policy states that they should not disclose any information before the launch.

Here are the details regarding the minimum deposits as well as the currency pairs available:

Asset Minimum deposit Price accuracy
BNC 0.5BNC 2
NGOs 25 NGOs 4

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The essentials to know about the 3 projects:

  • bonfida is a decentralized blockchain application that is based on the trading protocol open source Serum. In addition to providing additional functionality and chart views, bonfida offers APIs to provide a more complete trading interface. FIDA can be used to pay transaction fees, earn staking rewards or access exclusive features of bonfida.
  • Besides, the network Bifrost offers staking and liquidity to anyone who accesses it. The platform Bifrost allows users to stake any cryptocurrency, such as DOT or ETHand receive a vToken of equal value in return. Users can then use vTokens to access decentralized financial applications, while receiving staking rewards for their originating crypto assets.
  • At last, Origin Protocol is an online marketplace built on Ethereum which facilitates the exchange of goods, services and, above all, tokens not fungible (NFT). The Origin Tokens (NGOs) are staked and can be voted on by holders.

Release of the Kraken waiting list NFT

The American cryptocurrency exchange recently announced that it has opened an official waiting list for its official market NFTKraken NFT. Traders of crypto will not pay no blockchain network fees for trading activities that occur within the platform, as they will not be charged gas fees for transactions on the new platform.

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Kraken lists BNC, FIDA, and OGN for US and Canadian users.

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