Moorex Officially Launches Its New Website With A Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Community-driven blockchain project Moorex announces the launch of its all-inclusive website with a decentralized crypto exchange and non-custodial private wallets

The Moorex team looks set to challenge the status quo in the crypto space as the DeFi protocol recently launched a new website, offering a plethora of features and functionality to users. Moorex launched the all-inclusive online platform, which includes a decentralized crypto exchange and non-custodial private wallets, in line with the goal of shedding light on blockchain, especially with the Moorex token.

Our mission is to create innovative products and services integrated with blockchain technology while providing a simple, convenient and secure crypto trading experience..”

Blockchain technology has practically exploded over the years in terms of popularity and acceptance, especially with the emergence of a plethora of cryptocurrencies and related projects. A report published by Fortune Business Insights estimates the size of the global cryptocurrency market at $910.3 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $1,902.5 million in 2028, driven by growth in distributed ledger technology and digital investments around the world. In a related development, several crypto projects, including exchanges as well as wallets, have sprung up to meet the growing and diverse needs of blockchain enthusiasts. However, many of these projects are not particularly user-friendly and comprehensive, which is where Moorex aims to make a difference by recently launching its all-in-one website.

Moorex offers an all-inclusive crypto ecosystem that includes a decentralized crypto exchange and noncustodial private wallets, with Web3.0, Metamask, and Wallet Connect integration. Described as “the world’s most convenient decentralized crypto exchange”, the platform allows users to buy, sell and secure their digital assets with the DeFi Moorex Crypto Wallet. The exchange currently offers a plethora of digital currencies and tokens.

There is also the Moorex token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, which is available on the DEX along with all major digital currencies. Moorex also announced plans to launch a new NFT collection called Moorex Mob, which will be in the Metaverse. The collection will include cool 3D NFTs with lots of utilities.

For more information on the decentralized exchange and other features offered by Moorex, visit – Moorex also has a growing online community on social media including Telegram and Facebook, as well as the Moorex mobile wallet on Google Play.

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Moorex Officially Launches Its New Website With A Decentralized Crypto Exchange

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