Rocket Global Reveals Its Plan To Become The Next Generation

Little Rock, AR, April 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — From a technical standpoint, the project has built a framework that guarantees scalability, reliability, high accessibility, and modularity. Specifically, the portal enters the market with a capacity of more than 70,000 transactions per second, at an execution speed of less than 800 ms.

Rocket Global’s recipe for success

Rocket Global integrates both CEX and DEX into a single crypto trading platform that is durable, auditable, and reliable. Hybrid platforms use the best elements of both decentralized and centralized ecosystems to give users the best of both worlds.

Any movement of value is made on the blockchain by the smart contract and the exchange wallets; this operation gives users full control over their assets and ensures that these funds are managed securely.

Through Rocket Global’s DEX Aggregator, which aggregates liquidity from many DEXs, clients can get higher token exchange rates than they otherwise could get on a single decentralized exchange. Consumers will benefit from improved valuations with lower transaction costs through this initiative.

For example, an exchange contract spread across multiple DEXs could offer a client significantly better rates than trading on a single exchange. This is one of the unique features at the core of the platform.

The system will be the world’s first crypto exchange built on a high-performance architecture derived from the world’s most successful international trading exchanges. The cryptocurrency trading platform does not plan to fix past problems, but it looks to the future, entering the niche of next-gen exchanges.

The World Rocket Coin Announcement

Rocket Global Coin (RCKC) is the cryptocurrency introduced by the project team. The token will serve as fuel for the Rocket Global ecosystem, consisting of:

  • Centralized one-time exchange
  • Rocket Pay (encrypted merchant payment gateway)
  • Decentralized aggregator
  • Rocket NFT Market
  • High Yield Defi Deals

RCKC has a fixed supply of 750 million tokens, which is divided between several operations:

  • Liquidity and public sale: 15%
  • Marketing operations: 15%
  • Community bounties and airdrops: 15%
  • DeFi (rewards for staking operations): 13%
  • Cash Pool Rewards: 11.5%
  • Founding team: 10%
  • Strategic partnerships in the market: 6%
  • Advisory: 5%
  • Angel investors: 4%
  • Private sales round: 3%
  • NFT Creator Fund: 2.5%

About Rocket Global

world rocket plans to be a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, high yield staking and NFT market. The team is aware that current crypto exchanges have many critical loopholes and restrictions. With no other option, the community is often forced to use sub-optimal solutions, with slow or capped transactions and the risk of huge losses due to the lack of alternatives.

Regarding future developments, the team shared a roadmap that started in the first quarter of 2022 and will not end until the end of 2023. The disclosure of a 2-year roadmap in the world of cryptography sends the message of a team’s commitment to an initiative.

Anyone wishing to keep abreast of this new project can find useful information on its official site and the social media pages below.

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Rocket Global Reveals Its Plan To Become The Next Generation

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