SES leads consortium to deliver satellite-based quantum cryptography system

(AOF) – A consortium of 20 European companies, led by SES with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission, will be responsible for designing, developing, launching and operating the Eagle-1 satellite system dedicated to the quantum distribution of cryptographic keys (QKD – Quantum Key Distribution), and carry out the in-orbit demonstration and validation (IOV) phase of the future pan-European cybersecurity system.

SES will build the first space-based QKD system based on European technology, developing and operating a dedicated Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite and building a state-of-the-art QKD operations center in Luxembourg. The project is co-funded by ESA, with contributions from Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and the Czech Republic as part of of the ARTES research programme, as well as by the European Commission through the Horizon Europe programme.

To create Eagle-1’s ultra-secure cryptographic key exchange system, the consortium will develop the QKD payload, the optical ground station, scalable quantum mining networks and the key management system for the interface. with the national QCI infrastructures.


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SES leads consortium to deliver satellite-based quantum cryptography system

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