This utility-rich meme coin could see its price explode 20 times by the end of the year.

Winning gaming sensation Tamadoge is taking the cryptocurrency community by storm with a series of product announcements and updates that have wowed its community.

Tamadoge is now listed on OKX and OKX Dex

After completing its presale last week, in which the company managed to raise an impressive $19 million, the Tamadoge team gave instructions to the community on the way she had to claim her tokens.

Its rise immediately continued since the team behind this cryptocurrency quickly registered TAMA on several cryptographic exchange platforms, and the least we can say is that it is a resounding success.

TAMA is now listed on OKX, which is one of the largest and most respected exchanges in the entire cryptocurrency industry. To understand the importance of OKX and its efficiency, you simply need to know that it processes a volume of more than 2 billion dollars per day.

Tamadoge is certainly still new in this very competitive universe, but it already raises a lot of hope in the crypto community. Rarely has a new currency achieved such a feat.

Traders will want to take advantage of the reputation and the OKX trading platform to trade TAMA in a frictionless manager. No doubt many will enjoy using the order book based exchange rather than the decentralized alternative.

The ecosystem of Tamadoge will be full of utilities

In recent years, meme coins and tokens have flourished. DOGE and SHIB were some of the best performers during the last bull market, and DOGE is one of the few assets that made another ATH against BTC given the last bull market.

Luckily, Tamadoge isn’t just a meme token, as the team is also building a comprehensive P2E gaming ecosystem known as Tamaverse. The deflationary nature of TAMA gives it the particularity of solving one of the main problems of P2E games: their resilience and their resistance to the passage of time. TAMA has several advantages over the other same coins, including being based on Play To Earn.

The majority of coin memes tend to undergo an extended correction as time progresses. Fortunately, TAMA shouldn’t have this problem, as its model is supposed to be stable, and this gives it the ability to generate and sustain positive growth over the long term.

Also, later in 2023, the team will unveil the progress made in integrating the personal Tama into the world of virtual reality. This is a breakthrough that is already raising a lot of expectations in the crypto community.

According to the whitepaper, this will allow people to artificially overlay their TAMAs ​​onto their surroundings to play with, much like Pokémon Go! If you know this game, then it will be very easy for you to perform well on the Tamaverse, with the advantage of being rewarded for your skills.

Tamadoge price has room to grow

With an outstanding supply market capitalization of $22 millionTamadoge has enormous potential for growth in the months and years to come.

When comparing the current price of Tama with the hegemons of meme tokens like SHIB, or when comparing the current price of TAMA with the giants of the play to earn industry, it becomes clear that this project has a lot of room to grow.

One would expect most of its growth to come when the Tamadoge team starts releasing some of its flagship products.

In its first week, Tamadoge ranked among the top ten meme coins, dethroning low market cap meme tokens such as Vita Inu, Doge Dash and others.

The next product the community is looking forward to is the Tamadoge Pet Shop, which will sell a variety of NFTs and in-game items for the community to use in the Tamaverse.

But why is his pet shop so expected? What does it really consist of?

For disproval, the Tamadoge system cleverly combines the trading of NFTs with the management of virtual pets. Moreover, its name is reminiscent of the Tamagotchi, which is, as a reminder, the successful digital virtual animal, which was all the rage in the late 90s.

Tamadoge will give the possibility to each TAMA holder to buy the ‘dogs’ they want and to do several activities such as raising them, training them, competing with the dogs of other TAMA holders or participating in dog tournaments virtual. The goal is to make their dogs competitive, and to improve their performance by making them gain combat experience. A ranking of the best dogs in the Tamaverse will be made and updated regularly. The better a dog performs, the better its place in this ranking.

There are also plans to include augmented reality experiences very soon. This will allow investors to play and battle their friends and acquaintances in the Tamaverse.

Who is behind Tamadoge?

Another element that weighs when we talk about Tamadoge: the team behind the project. Unlike other currencies themselves, the team behind Tamadoge is made up of well-known people from the crypto universe. Indeed, many currencies based on dogs have been developed by anonymous people, or who use pseudonyms. This state of affairs means that we do not really know who is behind the said. But this is not the case with Tamadoge.

The main developer of this blockchain is called Siphamandla Mjoli. The growth department is headed by Carl Dawkins. The latter is known for his excellent work when he was at SocialBox. The lead developer of this game is none other than Thomas Seabrook. He is far from unknown to the IT world, as he has worked for WMS, StarDigital and Voodoo. The Full Stack developer is Éric Lamontagne. Finally, the lead interaction designer is Neil Palethorpe. The team behind Tamadoge is therefore made up of specialists with extensive experience.

Tamadoge’s arcade games as well as its highly anticipated application, AR, will respectively launch on 3e and at 4e quarter of the year 2023. It is therefore expected that the next year will be decisive for Tamadoge. The project will explore various partnerships with the metaverse projects that were established during the first quarter.

The presence of games and rewards in the ecosystem of this cryptocurrency is an undeniable asset, which is highly appreciated by investors. Many communities have already started to emerge, and this is not about to stop. The trend will increase very soon, as the value of TAMA tokens will increase exponentially over the next few months. Tamadoge is a great opportunity for any serious investor.

The combination of the marketing of meme coins and the proven usefulness of Play to earn games represents a very good investment, solid and profitable, for anyone who wishes to take part in this great experience.

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This utility-rich meme coin could see its price explode 20 times by the end of the year.

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