Which NFT to buy and where to acquire them safely? – New technologies

In recent years, digital has opened the door to many opportunities for new web businesses, but also for investments such as NFTs. These are now in large numbers and require special attention when investing in order to find an authentic, but above all promising token. Focus here on the platforms to consider for paying NFTs as well as some tokens that deserve your attention.

The best platforms to find promising NFTs

To find genuine NFTs, it is best go to verified sites that attract a lot of customers. In fact, the more people who visit a platform to buy NFTs, the more sellers will be attracted to this platform.


Opensea is literally the most popular marketplace when it comes to NFTs. The platform has in its catalog more than 700 non-fungible tokens classified into different categories such as:

  • Games ;
  • The music ;
  • Pieces of art,
  • And collectibles.

You can also buy some crypto currencies like Decentraland or the Crypto Kitties.

Nifty Gateway

Some artists like LOGIK and Grimes have made the Nifty Gateway platform more popular in the world of NFTs. These are mainly works of art and collectibles that are offered for sale on the site. You can also store your funds in ETH on the platform.


NFT payments are all made in ETH as these non-fungible tokens are hosted on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain. SuperRare is no exception to this rule. The platform offers many graphic crypto tokens which are paid exclusively in ETH tokens. There is a good amount of rare and unpublished works.


If you are looking for artistic NFTs, you can go to Rarible. The site offers the creation, but also the purchase and sale of NFTs in virtual reality, in the field of art and collectibles. It is also possible to find domain names there. ETH tokens must be exchanged in ERC-20 RARI to perform actions on the site.

NFTs to watch closely

If you’re a beginner and don’t know what to choose, you can try one of the following 3 non-fungible tokens. However, it will be up to you to do the appropriate research before going to checkout for these NFTs. Crypto punks, for example, are a compendium of concepts that bring together more than 10,000 characters from which investors can choose their favorite character with a punk look.

Another series of promising NFTs is the anime series Stoner Cats. Episodes of the series can be purchased and traded between investors. Finally, Golden Goals brings together football fans on another blockchain, that of Tezos. Therefore, before thinking about paying for a crypto that is outside the Ethereum blockchain, it might be good to check the blockchain on which you are making your purchase, for the future of your investment.

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Which NFT to buy and where to acquire them safely? – New technologies

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