WordPress Crypto Donations Plugin Performs Any-to-Any Token Swap

WordPress and crypto users are having a great week. Internet aficionados who run websites have a new toy this allows them to do cool stuff with crypto donations.

DePay Donations is the first of its kind. It is an open source plugin that allows websites to accept P2P donations in crypto. But the beauty of this is that it offers decentralized conversion of incoming cryptocurrency donations into tokens that the recipient has selected.

Swiss payment startup Web3 DePay confirms that installing the plugin is free. “This allows content creators and publishers to accept donations without intermediaries and therefore resistant to financial censorship. Site owners required to receive crypto donations can install the Web3 donation plugin from the official WordPress plugin directory with just a few clicks.


Sebastian Pape is the founder of DePay. “WordPress has been shaping the internet for almost 20 years now. We’re excited to make it easy for people running their WordPress installation to accept Web3 donations as simple as installing a plugin.

WordPress Crypto Donations

WordPress publishers that accept crypto donations generally follow two different paths. First, they can use a centralized crypto payment gateway. Using this method, users must trust intermediaries who receive donations on behalf of the user. This contradicts the central idea of ​​decentralization. Also, the range of cryptocurrencies that can be accepted is limited with this option.

Another route is to provide wallet addresses. This is published in plain text on the website. It may take a little time as users need to monitor different wallets. And they need to convert tokens to protect against necessity.

A new way

The company claims that what it offers is new. “DePay Donations offers an alternative with a new paradigm made possible by decentralized finance. It maximizes decentralization, interoperability, and token acceptance while minimizing the administrative burden for the donation recipient. »

It is not clear if the plugin “cuts the ticket” along the way and charges a commission for the cryptocurrency conversion. But either way, it looks like cryptocurrency adoption is now an unstoppable march.

WordPress has been the subject of hacking stories lately, so be sure to do your research.

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WordPress Crypto Donations Plugin Performs Any-to-Any Token Swap

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