World Cup Inu (WCI) Token: Is the WCI token a scam?

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World Cup Inu (WCI), the token for football and meme enthusiasts has made its official launch on the Ethereum blockchain. 48 hours after its launch, this ERC-20 token has been adopted by nearly 800 investors and has experienced tremendous growth. But this beautiful momentum will be marred by a scandal ofscam.

An abnormal tax on an announced decentralized project

Shortly after its launch, fat manthe crypto influencer at Terra Research Forum, claims that WCI levies a 4% tax on decentralized exchanges.

This practice raises some concerns and many people wonder if it is not a possible scam.

Indeed, according to the WCI official website, the project is decentralized and the betting information cannot be modified by third parties. Still, according to FatMan, the developers of the WCI project can suspend trading. In addition, the tax rate for transactions made with the token is variable, which means that it can be increased at will.

We also learn that the developers have already withdrawn a large sum of money from the tax pool. Usually,

Crypto fever surrounding the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

From November 20 to December 18, 2022, the Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup. For the occasion, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), organization in charge of the event, announced the launch of its metaverse ecosystem called “FIFA World”.

For this occasion, many World Cup themed cryptos have been released. This is the case of Baby World Cup Inu, FIFA Shiba Inu, Qatar World Cup, Fifa World Cup Inu, FifaWorldCup Inu and World Cup Inu (WCI).

FIFA has partnered with exchange platform to launch the WCI token. According to FatMan’s allegations, the deployer of this token had already collected, to date, the sum of $300,000. In his message, he calls on netizens to be more careful and preferably to stay away from the token.

Note that over the past two weeks, WCI has increased by nearly 1,000%. But due to this scandal, the token is losing ground. WCI offers a variety of services, including the ability to bet directly with ETH. A 10% tax was also applicable to all bets in the lottery pool.

Footballers and celebrities implicated in WCI scam

As part of its promotion, WCI has partnered with footballers and celebrities, such as Ronaldinho. On October 19, the retired Brazilian footballer promoted this token on his Twitter account.

He is also accused of having been paid for the promotion of WCI, a embarrassing situation that it would have been very low.

For some Internet users, WCI is a ” shitcoin and celebrities who promote it are accused of promoting scams. Since the end of his career, the financial situation of the Brazilian worries and such a partnership has surely been beneficial to him.

However, the star faces legal action for supporting WCI. Kim Kardashian, another star, was recently fined $1.26 million for illegally promoting Ethereum Max (EMAX). Influencers supporting crypto projects will now think twice before promoting and enticing their followers to buy them.

A case of scam that is not isolated

It must be said that this is not the first time that a token has been issued to scam users. In 2021, fans of the series netflix “Squid Game” got scammed with a token that quickly lost value.

The Crypto Game Currency Neko Inu reportedly cost its players more than $100,000, earning complaints from its executives. In the future, we can therefore expect more reprisals however that a crypto project will try to scam its users.

At this time, there is no indication that WCI is headed down the path of a scam, especially since the project still remains in development. The platform’s developers tried to respond to accusations of a scam on Twitter.

Until light is shed on this whole story, it is recommended to exercise caution with regard to WCI.

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World Cup Inu (WCI) Token: Is the WCI token a scam?

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