25,000 NFTs for the benefit of Ukraine and artists

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Impossible is not French. Stunned by the violence of the Russian assault on Ukraine and its people, around fifty entrepreneurs from the tech sector in France have decided to come to the aid of the Ukrainian people. This is how in a few hours the collective #ensembleukraine was born. Supported by France Digitale, Galion Project and Mission French Tech, the 1901 law association has made it possible to collect more than 400,000 euros, to bring together more than 1,350 tons of essential equipment, to welcome more than 800 Ukrainians, to mobilize 7,241 volunteer French families, 200 volunteers in the field in Poland and Ukraine, 50 volunteers in France.

A unique charity sale

Credit Photo – Frank Bakastias

But as that is not enough, never enough, the collective had the idea of ​​organizing a charity sale of NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) for the benefit of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, in partnership with the Peace for Art Foundation and the Paris Blockchain Summit. Local or international artists have mobilized, offered works that have served as a support for the creation of NFT, or digital images that have joined the NFT collection of #ensembleukraine. In all, 25,000 NFTs go on sale on April 15 at 8 p.m. With two objectives: to raise funds to finance the humanitarian actions of #ensembleukraine and to help Ukrainian artists and their families, who now live in extremely difficult conditions at the limit of survival. A certified NGO will receive 20% of the funds collected. The rest of the money raised will be used to finance #ensembleukraine. The innovative aspect of this initiative, beyond its generosity, lies in the fact that it is a 100% NFT sale, without physical support.

Make things happen

1649401194 225 25000 NFTs for the benefit of Ukraine and artists

Credit Photo – Daria Pavliuk – Roman Chizz

The principle is simple: just log on to the togetherukr.com platform, set the desired amount for the donation (minimum 0.06 ether per NFT, no maximum of course!) and the desired number of NFTs. It will be necessary to wait for the closing of the sale, on Saturday May 7, for everyone to know the NFT(s) that have been randomly assigned to them.
The proof in any case that when you want you can. French tech entrepreneurs who have already made themselves known in the past for their collective and solidarity commitments (such as in support of caregivers during the covid crisis), prove once again that they are not hunters of premiums looking only for their next fundraiser, but that they are examples, “first in line” as the other would say, on whom we can count. Not just to innovate. But to get things moving and moving forward.

to summarize

Putting the latest technologies at the service of a beautiful and noble cause, this is what the #ensembleukraine collective, supported by 50 French tech companies, has imagined. In a few days, they mobilized entrepreneurs and artists for the victims of the conflict. A 100% NFT sale.

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25,000 NFTs for the benefit of Ukraine and artists

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