5 examples of brands using NFTs

Through technological changes or cultural phenomena, the modern world constantly teaches us to broaden our horizons, to see things differently and to work in new ways.

Businesses are not standing on the sidelines, they are exploring new ways of working to stay relevant and stand out in the market.

If you follow trends, you have certainly heard of NFTs!

These virtual objects with their tamper-proof digital certificates that attest to their authenticity, created using blockchain technology.

In this article, we will look at examples of brands using NFTs for marketing purposes and to present you with inspiring information that can help you create original campaigns that attract the interest of the public.

Why do brands use NFTs?

NFT art is a new universal language that enables brands to engage with customers and form lasting bonds. These “virtual tokens” are versatile and can be used to represent various digital files, from images and videos to animated GIFs and audio files.

Some brands are also using the technology to create other forms of art, such as video game collectibles, virtual fashion items, and virtual worlds.

5 examples of NFT art being used by brands

Although NFTs are rather a niche, their popularity is increasing day by day, and more and more people want to own them and have new experiences.

Additionally, NFT art, like any other art, can serve many purposes for a brand, both commercially and non-commercially. Therefore, many interesting projects based on NFTs have emerged in recent years. We invite you to discover some of them below.

1. NFT art for charity

Depositphotosan international content market space with many Ukrainians on its staff, uses NFTs to draw attention to Russian war crimes committed during the war and raise funds for the reconstruction of cultural sites.

For the Project Revivalthe company collaborated with 7 independent local artists to create NFT artwork themes to be put on sale, the money raised being transferred to the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

The project presents unique works in which artists reflect on the future of what has been destroyed (more than 450 objects and buildings to date) and create illustrations that imagine what the country’s architectural heritage might look like in the coming. The works are available for multiple purchases in the museum META HISTORY

Source : META HISTORY museum

Charitable NFT art with creative reconstruction concepts allows the company to gain visibility, while raising awareness for an important cause and contributing to the future of the country.

2. NFT art to build community

TIME, one of the world’s most respected and recognized media, introduced TIMEPieces – an NFT initiative to foster its community by bringing together artists, collectors and fans. TIMEPieces features unique works by over 40 artists from around the world who have contributed to the creation of a magazine.


Source : TIME magazine website

The collection contains more than 4500 original NFTs, still or animated, ranging from paintings and illustrations to photographs and videos. Collectors could buy them through a random blind drop for 0.1 ETH each. NFT Holders will also enjoy unlimited access to TIME.com, exclusive invitations to in-person events, and access to a variety of exclusive digital experiences.

TIME’s community strategy allows it to bring together and showcase a diverse group of artists, as well as interact with NFT communities to increase brand loyalty.

3. NFT art to deliver unique experiences

In order to arouse customer interest and to give them a unique experience, the Robert Mondavi cellar and the famous French porcelain house Bernardaud have created a NFT wine collection one of a kind.

Together they produced 1996 collectible porcelain bottles, each attached to an NFT and a unique piece of generative art made under the direction of artist Clay Heaton.

NFT Wine Collection

Source : Bloomberg

In addition to the physical item and an NFT, the purchase includes access to exclusive wine experiencessuch as a wine tasting at To Kalon Winery, located in Oakville, California at Robert Mondavi Winery.

Collectible wine bottles and luxury and limited edition NFTs from the Robert Mondavi and Bernardaud winery have the potential to change the world of wine collecting and put the business ahead of the competition.

4. NFT art as a customer engagement tool

Balmain, a famous French luxury fashion house, has collaborated with fashion icon Barbie to create an exclusive collection that spans the physical and digital worlds. The duo released a ready-to-wear collection, an accessories line and a series of themed NFTs.

Mattel-Balmain Paris

Source : Mattel Creations

The entire collection features Barbie’s signature pink color, a Barbie-inspired Balmain logo and Balmain’s monogram pattern. Digital collaboration includes three unique NFTs, which customers were able to purchase at auction through mintNFT, a marketplace for NFTs and digital collectibles.

The highest bid reached nearly $22,000, and in addition to themed NFTs, winners received a physical set of Barbie-sized Balmain pieces.

The Balmain-Barbie partnership marked a historic moment for fashion, technology and toys. It has helped both engage the brand’s customers and redefine the concept of brand ownership for them.

5. NFT art as a virtual commodity

Fashion companies don’t just offer themed NFTs, they also use them to develop digital ownership in games.

For example Burberry, a British fashion company in partnership with Mythical Games, a games technology company, created a brand character and a virtual space. They have also launched collections of clothing andNFT accessories in NFT game Blankos Block Party.

The Burberry brand

Source : Burberry

The characters, articles and exclusive brand spaces, are intended to promote the sale of products, to build brand loyalty and involve the community. By offering virtual products limited edition, Burberry shows how brands can interact in a Web3 world, offering unique virtual experiences while creating new revenue streams.

In conclusion

In an age where new phenomena are emerging at lightning speed, companies are learning to adapt quickly to keep up with trends and create buzz around their products. NFTs are a whole new way to attract and hold customers’ attention. They provide new opportunities for commercial promotion for brands and also pave the way for the metaverse.

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5 examples of brands using NFTs

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