$800 billion for the metaverse – NFT promises a bright future

NFT investment landscape – Is 2022 the year of metaverses and NFTs? While waiting for the time to take stock, initiatives in favor of the development of these sectors continue to increase over the months. Meta has taken another important step on the road leading to the launch of its metaverse. Fidelity opened a crypto school in Decentraland. These few appetizers allow us to appreciate the encouraging beginnings of these sectors. Indeed, they have a growth potential illustrated by dizzying figures.

Metaverse and NFT: these billions on the move in the sector

CoinGecko has executed a study on the NFT market. The respondents are mainly investors from Asia and the Pacific. The results reveal that metaverses should record 800 billion dollars of transactions over the next two years.

This study thus predicts a bright future for metaverses and NFTs. It also provides information on the portfolio and investment strategies of these NFT holders.

Regarding the portfolio, approximately 72% of respondents declared to have at least one NFT. More than 50% of study participants claimed to have five or more. Demographically, 43.6% of NFT holders surveyed are between 18 and 30 years old, compared to 45.2% for those between 30 and 50 years old.

The study also looked at the types of NFTs preferred by investors. 35.8% said they were interested in NFTs related to play-to-earn and metaverse.

The report also underlines that “gaming seems to be the most likely entry point to the NFT market”. 25% of respondents would rather have a crush on artistic NFTs.

NFTs have a bright future

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NFT Acquisition Strategy: Landscape Overview

The investment in these NFT would be primarily motivated by the flip and earnbuy the NFT at a low price to resell it later at a much higher price. More than 50% of respondents however, declared to be HODlers. And 70% of respondents claimed that NFTs represent only 0-25% of their crypto portfolio.

What are the purchase criteria of these investors? 38.5% would be primarily interested at floor price of the NFT. 23% would rather check if the latter has the support of a “strong community”. And 21.8% would especially attach importance to the couple “value/artistic attachment”.

To complete the picture, in terms of business intelligence, 60% of survey participants would use Discord and Twitter to follow new or future NFT projects.

Do these forecasts of $800 billion in transactions for metaverses and NFTs hold water, or are they a tad exaggerated? 2022 sees in any case already a large number of companies are jostling at the gates of the metaverse.

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$800 billion for the metaverse – NFT promises a bright future

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