– 99% in no time: already the end of the mandate for Trump NFTs?

Exponential decay – Interest in Donald Trump NFT Cards has steadily decreased since their launch less than a month ago. The numbers show that the former US president failed to maintain the momentum of the early days around his NFT collection.

A drop of more than 99% for Donald Trump’s NFT cards

According to data from CryptoSlamdaily sales for Donald Trump’s NFT cards hit a low at $21,271, on January 8th. The figures thus show a relatively fast fall of the craze for this NFT collection, which the former American president launched in mid-December last year.

On December 18, daily sales peaked at over $3,520,000. In the space of less than a month, they therefore underwent a more than 99% drop from this peak to reach this floor price at $21,271. This year, these sales peaked at just over $41,500January 9.

Evolution of daily sales of Donald Trump's NFT cards
Evolution of daily sales of Donald Trump’s NFT cards – Source: CryptoSlam

In addition to daily sales, the evolution of the number of buyers on a daily basis also illustrates this growing disinterest in Trump Digital Trading Cards. CryptoSlam identifies 3,359 buyers on December 16 at the time of the launch of the collection, against a low of 28 buyers dailies on January 8.

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A still profitable floor price for first-hand NFT card buyers

In the same vein, the floor price of Donald Trump’s NFT charts is added to the two indicators mentioned above. According to data of OpenSea, this floor price peaked at 0.83 ETH December 17. He wakes up at 0.165 ETH at the time of writing this article. This price therefore registered a down about 80% from its highest.

In view of these figures, buyers who acquired these cards at the price of 99 dollars during the primary sale, can therefore still make a substantial profit when reselling these NFTs, given that their current floor price is around the 220 dollars.

But the situation is much more complex for investors who bought these cards on the secondary markets, when the enthusiasm around the collection was still relatively strong after its launch.

The fall in the price floor could significantly decrease the demand for these cards, and these buyers on the secondary markets could be forced to part with them at a relatively lower profit, or even by selling these NFTs at a loss.

Trump Digital Trading Cards are far from the only NFTs to see their trading volume or floor price crash, weeks or months after launch. Will the former US president be able to revitalize your community on the web3with the approach of the next presidential election in the United States?

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– 99% in no time: already the end of the mandate for Trump NFTs?

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