Archie Comics will create NFTs for the Archie comic

In an official press release, we learn that Archie Comics has entered into a partnership with Palm NFT Studio. The idea of ​​this collaboration is that the next chapter of the popular Archie comic book series delves into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Concretely, this collaboration heralds the launch of the “biggest writer’s room on the blockchain”.

An original comic

Together, Archie Comics and Palm NFT Studio will create a new NFT collection called Archieverse: Eclipse NFT which is inspired by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina according to a press release shared with Bitcoinist. NFTs will be went on sale May 16, 2022.

In addition to the release date of the digital assets, we know at what price they will be marketed. According to the information provided by the 2 teams, the NFTs will be $66.66 each and will be designed in additional collaboration with Archie artists Laura Braga and Vincezo Federici. In total, 66,666 characters will be created and the companies expect to generate a gain of around $3 billion, if all goes well.

This new project has another particularity. Archie Comics has indicated that it will be up to the community to decide what story will be set in Archie. Fans will not only have the ability to vote on the story, but the new blockchain-based comic will add fan-made artwork.

A new experience for Archie fans

It must be said that in recent times, projects between the blockchain and the world of entertainment are multiplying more and more. It is no longer just a big business affair, but also a subject that cryptocurrency users are passionate about. Moreover, the goal of Archie Comics is to offer a enriching experience for fans of the series, while leveraging the benefits of blockchain.

Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics, had the following to say about this new initiative: “Observing the emergence of this exciting new technology and the development of a new fandom around it, we knew we had to find the right partner and the right platform to showcase Archie 3.0, with the same care and consistency. that we have established in everything we do. We look forward to introduce the band to a whole new audience and in a whole new way”.

The Archie comic will reinvent itself, this time feeding on the advantages of the blockchain. To this end Archie Comics has entered into a collaboration with Palm NFT Studio with the aim of combining comics with the blockchain to the delight of fans of the series and new technologies. The created NFTs will go on sale next May 16.

Source : bitcoinist

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Archie Comics will create NFTs for the Archie comic

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