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The artistic NFTs never stop developing, and in the midst of the hype, real artistic currents emerge. Starting from the crypto kitties and the digital work of Beeple, the NFT movement has since evolved considerably and is even tending to become more professional. In the middle, artists who had already revealed themselves in the more “traditional” universe are in turn launching NFT collections, as an opportunity to develop and promote their art in a different way and take advantage of the Web3.0 boom and all the opportunities it offers for the art world.

We had the chance to meet the artist Kojo Marfo who announced on this occasion the launch of a NFT-series future. The project will be launched in collaboration with the JD Malat gallery.

Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo, who passed through New York before settling in London, is launching his own collection of NFTs. Kojo grew up in the small town of Kwahu, a four-hour drive north of Ghana’s capital, Accra. Still a young man, he fell in love with the artist Pablo Picasso who then became one of his main sources of inspiration. Kojo is also inspired by ancient African objects such as masks in particular. The NFT series mint will take place during the month of April in collaboration with the gallery J.D. Malat. We took advantage of our exchange with Kojo and the members of his team to discuss his vision for his NFT project and the inspirations that allow him to deliver a strong artistic message.

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About the artist Kojo Marfo

Hello Kojo, can you tell us about yourself and the message you want to convey through your work?

Through my work I try to highlight social issues. I talk about society and I bring several ideas and perspectives to approach the subject. It’s the way for me to communicate with the world. For me as an artist, art is a medium of large-scale communication.

How did you become an artist and what are your sources of inspiration?

I was greatly inspired by Pablo Picasso. I like the way it highlights societal issues. Picasso was also a great collector of African art which gave him the opportunity to mix European and African art in his work. He encouraged me to discover my own Ghanaian culture.

Artist Kojo Marfo announces the creation of an NFT series

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Also when I create, I love mix European inspirations with African art. Many artists have also inspired me beyond Picasso. Fernand Léger, for example, who knew how to deliver works of incredible beauty by playing on colors. I was particularly fascinated by the quality of execution in his work.

What are the main subjects that inspire your work?

The big ones current events and social issues are my main source of inspiration. Beyond that, everything inspires my artistic work, my art thus represents everything that comes to touch my sensitivity during the day, whether in the good or in the bad, I transcribe both aspects in my works. As I said, art is the way for me to create connections and interact with people.

The history of the partnership with JD Malat

Can you tell us about your encounter with the JD Malat gallery?

During the confinement, the JD Malat gallery offered the opportunity to artists based in Great Britain to present their works for a chance to be exhibited within the gallery. They particularly appreciated my work and in particular my approach on the use of colors. Today I am exclusively represented by the JD Malat gallery.

After several exhibitions around the world in Turkey, Spain in Barcelona, ​​China and Miami in the United States, my next exhibition will take place in New York as part of a pop-up show organized there.

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About NFTs

What are the characteristics of your NFT collection?

The Strangers collection is based on three pillars:

1. The artistic vision

The main objective is to increase the visibility of my work by making new connections.

2. The charitable aspect

The second pillar of the collection is found in charities. Part of the profits from the sale of the collection will be donated to works. For me, it is important to help children by giving back to them through NGOs, the amounts of which we are sure directly affect the people we want to help.

3. Create a link between the digital world and the real world

The third and last pillar represents the possibility of creating a connection between the physical world and the virtual world. Today it is very complicated or even impossible to buy the works of Kojo Marfo as they are exclusive. With NFTs and because of their digital aspect, it’s a great way to create a larger community around my works. NFTs therefore make it possible to reach a new audience, which moreover might not have been interested in my work originally.


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On which blockchain will the NFTs be minted?

NFTs will be minted on the NFT blockchain, it is the blockchain that brings together the most users and crypto investors and on which most decentralized applications are built today.

Kojo, what message do you want to convey to future holders of your NFTs?

I wish to tell them that there is always a moment to think, to sit down and reflect. I send a message of hope and understanding to all who need it in order to keep the faith. Art can help us on this journey.

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To conclude

Artist Kojo Marfo sends a strong message with the creation of its NFT series, he moves the lines of the art world by making it even more accessible by spreading his message around the world. Its NFTs are an opportunity to join a community strong with beautiful values ​​thanks to the artistic vision carried by Kojo. In order to know more about this series which will be launched in April, we advise you to follow the account official twitter as well as the dedicated website to be the first to know about the upcoming drop!

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Artist Kojo Marfo announces the creation of an NFT series: Strangers collection – Forbes France

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