At Animoca Brands ride investments: 5 million for skateboard NFTs!

$5 million little ollie. – Animoca Brands continues these investments in the sector of blockchain games, NFTs and the metaverse. After successfully leading the blockchain game development studio’s funding round, Metaverse Game Studios, she took part in a new fundraiser dedicated to the development of SkateX. This blockchain game is brought to you by metaverse game studio, Block Tackle.

Block Tackle kicks off with $5 million fundraising

First of all, Block Tackle is a metaverse game studio based in San Francisco created by two gaming professionals: Rob Oshima and Ben Topkins. Indeed, the co-founders of Block Tackle participated in the AAA game creation well known such as Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth »“Avatar: Pandora Rising” or even “ Marvel Strike Force ».

Then Block Tackle just lifted $5 million on the occasion of his turn seed funding intended to finance the creation of games based on the blockchain and which allow players to collect NFTs. This funding round was co-led by Play Ventures and Cadenza Ventures. In addition, notable investors took part: Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures and Solana Ventures.

In addition, Block Tackle, together with its investors, has everything to succeed with his first SkateX project. The co-founder Ben Topkins said :

“The feedback we got when we started talking to investors was: space is hungry for people like you. Investors are looking for experienced game developers who can successfully create Web 3 games.”

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SkateX Block Tackle’s first NFT project

Block Tackle’s first project is SkateX. Players will be able to purchase 3D animated skateboard NFTs. Currently, these NFTs are in the development phase, but you can already get an idea of ​​what they will look like. Some are already on display on the site SkateX. Furthermore, the players will be able to participate in the decisions important for the game.

Examples of skateboard NFTs offered by SkateX – Source:

According to Block Tackle’s announcements, SkateX is set to debut during the month of April 2022 with the launch of his first collection of skate NFTs. Obviously, these NFTs will be able to be resold or exchanged by their owners and skateboard prices will fluctuate based on demand.

Undoubtedly, the ecosystem of NFTs and blockchain games should fully flourish in 2022. Moreover, mark zuckerberg the founder of Meta announced that his teams were working on the implementation of NFTs on his social network and its affiliate platform, Instagram.

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At Animoca Brands ride investments: 5 million for skateboard NFTs!

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