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Asahi Iwanagarepresentative director of Avex Technologies, Inc., highlighted the success of the Alternative Muv-Luv anime NFT project during a business seminar at AnimeJapan on Monday. 11,115 Keyframe card packs were sold, averaging 38,448 yen (about $315) per sale.

the Alternative Muv-Luve franchise teamed up with tech company Sakura Gate last October to launch a Keyframe Card service containing key animation frames from the anime. Although Keyframe cards do not have NFT functionality at launch, they will be added later as an incentive for owners to purchase and trade cards on the NFT market. Note that owning a scene’s Keyframe Card does not equate to owning the copyright, which is retained by the original intellectual property owners.

As an added incentive for fans, those who purchased a certain number of cards had their names listed in the credits of the Alternative Muv-Luv Blu-ray Box and accompanying booklet. The sets were shipped in January and March.

Iwanaga described the cards as an effective product for targeting a small, “core” fan audience, who are interested in NFTs but lack the means to engage with them. He said that in the world of anime, NFTs can be used to further monetize an intellectual property by selling them as a limited-edition collectible.

Nonetheless, he acknowledged the challenges of implementing NFTs, pointing to the proliferation of unauthorized NFTs on OpenSea. He also clarified the distinction between digital property and copyright, and recommended companies contact an intellectual property law specialist before investing in NFTs. In particular, care must be taken to ensure that the original rights holders can continue to profit even after customers have sold their NFTs to others. He said this could be done by first selling the NFTs directly to the consumer, rather than putting them on an open market.

Avex Technologies spear a blockchain service in 2019 to prove ownership of digital property. In April 2021, the company launched a beta version of Assetbank, an NFT-focused IP distribution service.

On the AnimeJapan show last weekend, animation studio Gonzo promoted its blockchain/NFT project “SAMURAI cryptos” during its booth. gonzo president Shinichiro Ichikawa said the project will create “a new era of animation for the NFT era with Japanese samurai” and will focus on the keywords “Cypher”, “Decentral” and “Solidarity”. The project will feature drawings by Makoto Kobayashi (Last exile, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ), Michinori Chiba (Basil, sk8 infinity), and Hiroya Iijima (Afro Samurai, Mazinger Z: Infinite).

Source: AnimeJapan Business Seminar

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Avex Highlights Success Of Muv-Luv Alternative NFTs – Interest

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