“Big” 2022: Danae.io breaks the codes by allowing “actors in the art world to create works in the form of NFTs”

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of “Big”, the largest business meeting in Europe organized by Bpifrance this Thursday, October 6 in Paris, CNEWS gave the floor to several business leaders embodying innovation. Among them, Rachel Chicheportiche, director of Danae.io, a start-up that develops contemporary art via NFTs.

The meeting point between fine art and NFT. This is the successful bet of danae.io. This platform is indeed today the leading French player in the sale of NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) of artistic works. Validated by the AMF (financial market authority), its model thus consists of highlighting emerging artists on the digital scene.

At its head since 2021, Rachel Chicheportiche who has, in this context, set herself the objective of attracting art galleries to this new digital space, specific to innovative creation. A summary of her first passion, art, and her field of skills for this passionate entrepreneur who, in twenty years, has accumulated a solid experience.

After studying law at university and joining ESSEC, Rachel Chicheportiche, a lawyer by trade, first joined the Louis-Dreyfus group in 2000, a multinational trading company specializing in agricultural commodities, where she worked mainly in the legal department, and in particular in the management of mergers and acquisitions operations.

She will finally leave the agri-food giant for a quasi-homonym, the leather goods brand Jérôme Dreyfuss, now represented worldwide, to become its president. In 2008, the brand’s first New York store opened, already partly financed by Oséo, now Bpifrance.

There followed eleven years where Rachel Chicheportiche participated in the development of the brand and the opening of new points of sale internationally such as in Tokyo, Taiwan and more recently in London, in 2015. After having sold her participations and being withdrawn from society, the entrepreneur pursues her path towards art, her first passion.

This is how the doors of the start-up Danae.io opened, whose main mission is to attract art galleries to the NFT space. A new ground to conquer when today, 97% of the market for works of art in NFT is represented by emerging artists from the digital scene.

A dozen employees who think big

Thus the small dozen collaborators that the start-up has forged partnerships with art galleries. The challenge is to attract influential artists, to use an innovative medium, offering different creative possibilities.

Rachel Chicheportiche and her team call on developers to ensure the transfer of a project, or the production of another work, in collaboration with the artist.

This is the case, for example, of the Afghan photographer Fatimah Hossaini whose collection “Beauty in the midst of war”, honoring the women of her native country, is available in NFT on Danae.io.

“Our vocation is to enable players in the world of traditional art to carry out projects in the form of NFT”, sums up Rachel Chicheportiche. “We are not just selling an NFT, but an artistic, structured and secure project,” she pleads again.

This transpose, danae.io can boast of being the only entity in France to allow it, the other players favoring a B2C exchange (Business to consumer, an expression which designates all the marketing techniques putting the seller and the consumer in direct contact, editor’s note), between the artist and the purchaser of a work in NFT.

“We draw strength from not being in speculation, but in artistic creation. We don’t acquire a work to sell it, but because it makes us want to,” adds Rachel Chicheportiche.

Hybridity in all its forms

In 2021, Danae.io had already distinguished itself by winning the international competition launched by the Hauts-de-Seine department for the creation of the statue of Equality, at the tip of Île Seguin, near the Seine. musical. This hybrid project, whose physical part is provided by the Japanese artist Kohei Nawa, should propel the French company.

Danae.io will soon offer a visit to the sculpture via an augmented reality application. It is this innovative approach that also contributed to the awarding of the call for tenders.

© Kohei Nawa / Sandwich Inc

As a result, users will be able, thanks to this technology, to follow a virtual path, starting from the concert hall to the statue, 25 meters high, and discover information and exclusive content specific to its creation.


© Kohei Nawa / Sandwich Inc

This versatility of supports, Danae.io cultivates it on projects but especially around the events that the company organizes. With its New York branch, the French start-up offers artist previews in Parisian galleries, simultaneously accessible in the United States, via the “multiverse”, this interconnected set of alternative realities that we are talking about more and more. .

Thanks to this, the Parisian exhibition of the collection “Beauty in the midst of war”, by Fatimah Hosseini, also arrived in America.

Honored during the Big 2022, this Thursday, October 6 at the Accor Arena, in Paris (12th), under the banner of the “French Touch”, Danae.io intends to do pedagogy, both within of the artistic community and amateurs, but also of the general public.

Especially since the purchase of works is mainly done in cryptocurrency. Specifically, Danae.io uses the Polygon (MATIC) on its NFT platform, but intends to develop, in a short time, a model allowing the purchase of a single work in euros.

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An additional way to open NFT more easily to contemporary art lovers, whose mastery of cryptocurrencies is not yet assimilated.

“We believe that the transition from digital art to NFTs will only be possible with Franco-French companies”, anticipates the entrepreneur, who will be present this Thursday at the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in Europe organized by Bpifrance.

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“Big” 2022: Danae.io breaks the codes by allowing “actors in the art world to create works in the form of NFTs”

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