Binance and StepN (GMT) Launch Asics NFT Sneakers Collection

STEPN is a Web3 application that combines elements of Social-Fi and Game-Fi. The latter aims to inspire a healthier lifestyle. This is an opportunity to encourage all users towards Web3 and to promote the fight against global warming via carbon neutrality. STEPN adopts the mechanism Move-to-Earn, allowing you to earn money by walking or running. To do this, simply register on the application and buy pairs of NFT sneakers.

ASICS & STEPN Calendar in collaboration with Binance NFT

StepN partnership with Asics

A collaboration between STEPN and Asics has just been born. Everything takes place on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform via a Initial Game Offering or IGO. This is the same concept as that ofInitial Coin Offering or ICO, but in the field of video games. As a result, it is possible to make a preview investment in the limited edition NFT collection.

Four different types of sneakers

To get one, just join the launchpad from Binance. To do this, you must have an amount of the Binance token, the BNB, in your account. The tokens will be placed to hope to win a ticket to buy an NFT from the famous collection. Right now, each ticket is worth 0.5 BNB, or around $210. Note that if the participant is selected, he receives an NFT. However, if he is not selected, his bet is refunded. In addition to the purchase of sneakers, shoe boxes should be available very soon. Registration will begin on April 16, followed by a draw. The distribution will take place on April 19.

The “STEPN x ASICS NFT Sneakers” Mystery Box Collection

Each Mystery Box contains a unique NFT sneaker that costs 0.5 BNB. Mystery Boxes constitute NFTs in four distinct designs, the Walker, the Jogger, the Runner as well as the Trainer. Each design comes with two categories of rarity: common and uncommon.

Thanks to each NFT sneaker collected, owners can participate in the game “Move-to-Earn” by STEPN. Players must walk, run, or jog outdoors to acquire in-game tokens. These can be used in-game to upgrade NFT sneakers or pocketed for profit.

Users who collect two pairs of NFT sneakers from the collection can burn their tokens to hit a “shoe boxwhich contains a new NFT sneaker. $100,000 from these NFT sneakers will be donated to a charitable cause supported by STEPN, Asics and Binance.


Thanks to this collaboration with Asics, STEPN takes a new step in its development. Some sources even report possible additional partnerships with other world-renowned brands like Adidas. STEPN continues on its path announcing more innovation to come for users of the platform.

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Binance and StepN (GMT) Launch Asics NFT Sneakers Collection

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