Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse: understand everything about Web 3.0.

Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse: understand everything about Web 3.0.

Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse, token economy: you must have already heard of them but behind the buzzwords, do you really know what it is really about? During the second day of Ready For IT, Fabien Aufrechter, Director, Havas Sovereign Technologies started from scratch to introduce decentralized technologies through the prism of concrete applications.

As a preamble, Fabien Aufrechter gave a quick overview of the technologies behind Web3.0. He explained that everyone has already heard of new technologies but more by the buzz than to have seen the uses. To start working on it, you have to understand what it is about, in particular, blockchain technologies. The blockchain are secure data blocks because they are linked together, reread, stored on all the computers that access the network. Therefore, to hack the blockchain it must be done on thousands of computers at the same time. This blockchain is not free because it requires energy, it is called mining which gives points to each computer that spends energy. This value can have several faces: the currency, the good points to access services, the fungible. On the other hand, it is very easy to create these blockchains, which leads to scams of all kinds, which is why regulation is needed. For him, the blockchain because of its transparency, cannot finance terrorism, on the other hand it is indeed a speculative bubble in the same way as shares. The blockchain was polluting when it was created, however today with the advancement of technologies, its polluting effects have been greatly reduced. Indeed, it often works using technologies such as geothermal energy or energy provided by dams…

Multiple applications that are used in our daily life

One of the first applications of the blockchain is that of Carrefour, it concerns the entire chicken breeding chain. These animals are constantly scanned from their birth until they are put on the shelves using blockchains. For example the blockcain is used for example to secure the cadastre in an eternal way.

Then he quickly described the NFTs which allow for example to make unique digital works of art. He cited the case of the Republic of Palau, which was able to issue digital passports thanks to the blockchain. In the same vein, when Facebook created its Libra currency, it showed the direction of its strategy, ie Novi and ultimately the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a virtual reality or augmented world whose objects have a value that can be purchased. All values ​​can be stored in digital wallets that will need to be regulated.

In conclusion, he explained that these technologies are those of today and it is necessary that companies take hold of them now.

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Blockchain, crypto, NFT, metaverse: understand everything about Web 3.0.

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