Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather promotes NFT scam again

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather got caught promoting a fraudulent NFT project on his social media channels again. Indeed, the anonymous team behind his new project, Mayweverse, disappeared with nearly $200,000 in revenue.

A new scam for the boxer

Mayweather has a background in the NFT rug pull game, having lent his name and profited from tens of millions of projects like Ethereum Max, Bored Bunny, Real Floyd NFT, Moonshot, and more. You can find our dedicated article on Ethereum Max here, where Kim Kardashian is sued for promoting this scam.

All of these projects now have values ​​close to zero, with no updates from the development teams since their launch.

His latest project, Mayverse, which launched on April 13, only managed to raise less than $200,000. The development team has now disappeared with the money, leaving Mayweather to once again promote highly questionable projects. Learn more about soft rugs and rug pulls in our specialized article.

One might think that Floyd Mayweather was somehow duped into supporting these projects. Maybe his knowledge of the NFT space is weak? However, the repetitive nature of his actions suggests otherwise. It should also not be forgotten that Mayweather is one of the most entrepreneurial athletes of all time, in any sport.

Explanation of the scam

Twitter watcher ZachXBT dove headfirst and received a personal message from Mayweather, seen above, after linking the dev team behind the latest jaunt and three more low blows. Here’s how it happened.

On April 21, just eight days after the mint, proceeds from Mayweverse’s NFT drop were transferred to two wallets. The diagram provided by the volunteer blockchain sleuth posted on Twitter shows the money trail. Interestingly, some of the same wallets involved in other Mayweather-backed projects appear.

source: Twitter ZachXBT

After the mint ended, the official Mayweverse Twitter page, which has over 16,000 followers, posted a tweet. They asked people to join the Discord channel for further updates and said the big reveal will happen soon. Interestingly, this is the last tweet sent by this account.

Going to the official Discord, we see that members keep asking for updates, no response. Some holders were also eligible to receive signed gloves, while two holders are supposed to win an all-inclusive trip to watch Floyd’s next fight on May 14, but there is no news.

However, Mayweather responded to angry messages from a few people, saying they weren’t being scammed. The simple wording of this answer seems to show that it is not Mayweather who is behind the keyboard. This type of rug pull and other fraud must be heavily penalized, and Senator Kevin Thomas wants to put this project in place.

Mayweather continues to sell NFTs

Amid all of this, if you’re looking for Floyd Mayweather’s NFT news right now, many would be surprised to see he’s not keeping a low profile. By selling his next tickets as NFTs, to fight Don Moore in the world’s first NFT sporting event in Dubai.

The event will include an exclusive live-streamed pay-per-view for NFT ticket holders, allowing fans to watch the event online on May 14. Viewers will also have access to a unique NFT Global Titans ticket.

NFT ticket holders will also be able to access limited edition 3D collectibles, unique video material and official media files from the opening night of the event.

In any case, that is what is promised!

It is still difficult to understand what happened but more and more regulation will allow victims of rug pull to attack scammers. This is a dishonest use of NFTs and blockchain and a star like Floyd Mayweather should not be involved in any way with this type of action.

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather promotes NFT scam again

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