Brands related to NFTs and the metaverse: the great rapper Kanye West is interested

The stars love the metaverse, and most of them take pleasure in evolving in the web3. This is for example the case of rapper Snoop Dog who already has several NFT produced in collaboration with The Sandbox. NFTs are next-generation financial assets. Those who know how to manipulate these non-fungible tokens win big. This is what we are told in a NFT training.

Yes, the gains are real, and are within everyone’s reach with NFTs and the metaverse.

Rapper Kanye West has always been puzzled by this since the creation of the first NFTs. He clearly showed his reluctance on the subject in his Instagram account. However, it seems that Mr. West has changed his mind. But why ?

Kanye West, this anti metaverse

In February, the rapper went to war with his pro NFT fans. His words denounced the metaverse and everything around it. He also made it clear that he would avoid releasing NFT collections. However, it is currently a “must go” for the big stars who want to stay in the “flow”. Kanye West wanted to be nonconformist … Like he usually does.

On his Instagram account, the rapper posted a message saying: “I focus on the construction of reality…. Real world products… real food, real clothes, real shelter… Don’t ask me to do NFT! West then signed his message, and a little further down he wrote, “Ask me later.”

Yes, there is nothing to understand. At the very beginning, Kanye West confessed to despising the crypto world and everything that evolves in parallel with this trend. We believed in it, we thought he was going to really stick to his words and not bother us with this story anymore. But what do you want, Kanye West is a enfant terrible of rap!

Kanye West 2.0

Some make fun of the rapper, others find him ingenious, and most don’t even calculate it. In short, recently Kanye West moved the anti-NFT affair by investing of course in NFTs. Yes, you heard it right.

It is therefore up to Josh Gerben, the American lawyer who deals with trademarks, to reveal the surprise. On his Twitter account, Josh Gerben wrote this: “Kanye West filed 17 new brands on his name YEEZUS “. For those who don’t know, that’s the name of his 2013 album.

To the lawyer to continue that the rapper would have the intention to launch an amusement park, NFTstoys, and other products under the YEEZUS badge.

If we follow the thread of the story, when the rapper wrote “ask for it months later”, he is talking about now!

Many people believe that Kanye made these noises to attract attention. He first said he didn’t like NFTs to create controversy around him. Now that he’s going to launch his own NFTs, his publicity stunt could pay off for him.


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Brands related to NFTs and the metaverse: the great rapper Kanye West is interested

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