Cannes rolls out the red carpet at the NFTs

Change of atmosphere ! – The town hall of Cannes has officially published on twitter its affection for the metaverse. Appearing as the first city in France and Europe to invest the metaverse, Cannes intends to attract a new audience. The term metavers on everyone’s lips for a year now has known even rise to the presidency before being brandished by the town hall of Cannes. But then does Cannes is early? Well in the process it turns out that indeed the city is. However the terms have a meaning and even if the symbolism is strong, the statement exaggerates the gait slightly. So this ambitious CannesXmetavers crossover, stunt or publicity stunt?

A heritage honored

On April 4, the city’s twitter account published a thread in which it reveals a interest in the metavers. For this purpose the city has approached the Cannes company Petrimm specialized in artificial intelligence in order to develop a project heritage valuation.

“Today, Cannes is taking a new turn to promote its heritage beyond all borders. The Town Hall of Cannes and the local company Pertimm are launching a first at European level: the digitization of cult places and buildings in Cannes such as the Suquet district, the Boulevard de la Croisette, the Old Port or the Palais des Festivals and Congress, authenticated via Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). »

David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes,

The initiative is simple: put in the form of NFT ten emblematic sites of the territory. The project will be presented at a new event within the municipality, world AI Cannes Festival, an event honoring artificial intelligence for professionals and enthusiasts. The NFTs will be offered for sale under the setting up an auction or the 10 most generous buyers will then own it. In order to arouse public interest, the town hall offers to the 10 buyers (the sale will include 10 NFTs) a 3D reproduction of the NFT purchased and therefore of the place concerned. An 11th NFT will be given to a Cannes resident chosen at random.

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The environment taken into account

Anticipating criticism we face every day about the ecological “drama” of NFTs, the city took the lead. 10% of the sale value of the collection will be donated to the Cannes Endowment Fund, which finances environmental actions. Although the famous charity benefiting from royalties from an NFT collection is a crude and redundant technique it still remains of a formidable efficiency.

For our greatest pleasure, the city of Cannes gives a interest in NFTs in what appears to be the starting shot of a more big adventure to come. Also perhaps aware of the general lack of interest in its film festival, Cannes takes the step of new technologies. Of course the terms used are strong and his “entry into the metaverse” turns out to be a auction of 10 NFTs representing its monuments. However, the initiative is commendable and reveals a strong and meaningful decision ranging lend a hand to what we are beginning to see in France. We hope that this first will have its effect and will not discourage the city in its approach. Maybe we are witnessing firstfruits of what, in the future, will give Cannes a wider radiation again through a unmissable annual tech event.

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Cannes rolls out the red carpet at the NFTs

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