Creative, your Solana NFTs land on Behance (Adobe)

The art world at the head of the 3.0 revolution! – Creators, designers, artists,… Many people exhibit their art on Behance. The favorite social network of creative professionals has just integrated a new blockchain. After Ethereum, it’s the turn of NFT Solana to make a remarkable entrance among the digital works of Behance!

Behance, when art takes on the colors of NFTs

If you are an artist, you must know Behance. In this showcase of the art world owned by Adobe, thousands of creations exhibit their most beautiful design. To the delight of fans, of course. Launched in 2006 by Scott Belsky and Matias Corea, the platform allows any artist to build a space in their image. He is thus free to present his works there and gradually develop his personal brand. Put simply, Behance makes it easy to get in touch, talent discovery and the collaborations between artists.

Behance continues to innovate and has for some time been tackling the NFT market. Creators had already had the possibility since October 2021 of exhibiting their NFTs from the ethereum blockchain. Since this Monday, thanks to QuickNode, a Miami-based Web3 infrastructure platform, they can now do it on Solana. Indeed, its flagship digital wallet, the Phantom Wallet, has just been integrated into the platform. Thanks to it, your most beautiful NFTs sketched on the Solana blockchain will be able to join your gallery. The advertisement from Behance have something to delight the most 3.0 artists!

“Our mission at Behance has been unwavering for over a decade: to help creatives build their careers on their own terms. Some go freelance, some go full-time, some offer subscriptions, some sell their models, some live stream and some sell NFTs. »

William Allen, Vice President of Adobe

Tweet from William Allen, head of Behance – Source: Tweeter

“From today, you have the possibility to connect your Phantom wallet and expose on your Behance profile the NFTs created on the Solana blockchain. »

William Allen, Vice President of Adobe

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Behance propels Solana into the world of art

Faced with the hesitation of professionals in the sector to use the Ethereum blockchain, Behance has heard their needs and offers an alternative. Held away by prohibitive running costs (high transaction fees) and thepolluting image of a Proof of Work blockchain (PoW), rightly or wrongly, users now have a clear path to germinate their art. The Proof of Stake blockchain (PoS) Solana. As Allen says:

“A transaction on Solana uses less energy than two google searches and the fees are ridiculously low, a fraction of a penny. While they [Solana Labs] are working to move towards complete decentralization, the low energy cost and minimal transaction costs are already a very real innovation. »

William Allen, Vice President of Adobe

Tweet from William Allen, Head of Behance and Vice President of Abode regarding the low cost of using the Solana blockchain.
Tweet by William Allen – Source: Tweeter

Solana provides artists with an eco-friendly, low-cost way to discover, experiment, and continue to innovate with NFT. Other new features are coming to Behance, including the potential integration of other blockchains. The team is also working to strengthen the tools available to creators in order to protect their works from counterfeiting. Like Behance, in the art world, the democratization of NFTs and blockchain is already underway. And you, what are you waiting for?

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Creative, your Solana NFTs land on Behance (Adobe)

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