Cross The Age: everything you need to know about this franchise, from novels to NFTs

Cross the Ages turns out to be a game of cryptocurrency extraordinary. It is a philosophical fiction based on the epic and imaginary principles of humanity.

Cross the Ages is a multidimensional game offering a rich and dystopian universe. In fact, it has aroused the interest of many Internet users. Indeed, this community currently has more than 380,000 members spread all over the world. This project aims to disrupt the market with its unique and exciting universe. Let’s go over the different aspects of this game.

Cross The Ages (CTA): presentation

Cross The Ages is a project that revolves around 7 novels. Moreover, the first edition of these novels can already be downloaded in 3 different languages: FR, EN and ES. In fact, since October 2021, a new installment has been released per week.

The first season features 365 assorted Arkhante and Mantris cards. In fact, it will take collect more than 290 cards, 52 out of category, 10 exclusives and 7 unique collector’s items with different rarities. Including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra rare, Mythic, Alternative, Alternative Combo.

This plot promises to be very intense, combining both fiction and fantasy, the real world and dystopia. Cross The Ages will offer a gaming experience worthy of a metaverse in which the story of each novel will marry perfectly with the different cards. In addition, all the cards will represent a place, a character, and an element of the novels. Subsequently, the game will allow everyone to obtain a vision, a representation of the different elements of the story.

Cross The Ages aims to offer everyone a quality immersive adventure throughout this saga. This will last 7 years. Throughout the chapters, a rich history unfolds, revealing the setting of this card game.

Without revealing too much, the player will discover 2 universes which clash in particular Mantris and Arkhante which are separated by the Rift. The world of Cross The Ages takes place in a dystopian environment where magicians and mystical creatures fight against machines equipped with artificial intelligence.

Cross The Ages: history of this project

In 2021, the CEO and founder of the company Pixelheart, Sami Chlagou, has set himself a major challenge. It consists of design a unique cryptocurrency game in the world, the first blockchain-based NFT epic. As a reminder, PixelHeart was created in Marseille in 2019. To date, this studio has produced around fifty video games for the PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Dreamcast.

But mixing video games, art, fantasy and cards with the blockchain is a real challenge. To overcome it, Sami Chlagou called on a blockchain expert, Christophe de Courson, as well as nearly 130 employees.

A team of geniuses united behind Cross The Ages

As stated earlier, Cross The Ages is more than just a tokenized game. In fact, it is first and foremost a universe combining science fiction and fantasy whose plot develops at a sustained pace. For the writing of the book in various languages ​​Arnaud Dollen led a team of 13 authors.

The cartoonist Rafter was thus the very first artist to embark on the adventure following the call of Sami Chlagou. Other artists also followed. Among them, stars of the profession who have participated in various projects such as Star Wars, Avatar, Marvel or Game of Thrones.

Successful fundraising and referral partners

To carry out this ambitious project, you need great minds, but also investors. During a private roundtable, the creators of the game brought together $12 million. This virtual fundraiser allows them to remunerate artists and developers without committing their capital for the moment.

Although this fundraising took place far from the spotlight, it was able to benefit from the support of major investors, including Animoca Brands, Ubisoft and Polygon. The director and co-founder of The Sandbox, Sébastien Borget, is also part of the adventure.

Cross The Ages: Gameplay

Players must compete in intense fights that take place alternately. Each part can last 5 minutes on average.

Their goal is to develop an optimal strategy for cconquer and dominate as much space as possible in the arenas.

Players have 20 digital cards at the start of the game. They can earn them by participating in challenges or special events. These cards can then be minted or melded into a higher value NFT. Minted NFTs can be traded on compatible trading platforms, such asOpenSea.

There will thus be a system comprising elements, combos, heroes as well as attack approaches to be used judiciously. In addition, Cross The Ages includes a feature to reward those who log in every day. These rewards are going to get more and more interesting over the next few days.

How to trade your NFTs

As a reminder, the NFT is based on the crypto Ethereum. Thus, to create or buy them on platforms like OpenSea, you must first have Ether. For this, we recommend only going through secure platforms such as eToro

or Binance.

The player in the spotlight

The operating principle, which consists of removing the opponent’s cards, has been revised to make gaming sessions even more fun and addictive. The gameplay is characterized by its abundance and its highly strategic nature as the player moves up the ranks. Those who are the most skilled can advance to the elite divisions. They will then be able to compete in real competitions with prizes reaching up to 1 million dollars.

Cross The Ages provides a platform where developers, digital artists and gamers can contribute to the success of the project. In fact, they can create new games, earn valuable NFTs through adventures, and collect real-world trading cards.

The team’s vision is to develop a series of games where users contribute to the evolution of this plot. They will also be able to participate in the creation of an infinite group of dystopian kingdoms within this universe.

Cross The Ages: the different tokens

Apart from being a free game, CTA is also a fun project. This is a Smart Play and Earn type game. As indicated above, gamers will be paid according to the time spent on the game and not according to their initial investment. There are 3 types of tokens in this game: CTA, Crystal and Gold.


Crystals tokens are stable tokens, for greater great ease of use. Crystals are required for all “off-chain” activities in the game. Tokens have the usual in-game uses such as buying map packs and skins, buying or unlocking booster packs. Crystals can be exchanged for CTA Tokens at the prevailing in-game market exchange rate.


As for Gold, this token is “off-chain” and therefore not tradable. Gold is needed for merge the digital cards in the game, which has the direct utility of defeating bots and ensuring fair play for players.


Indeed, it is necessary to have a CTA at least to participate in the game, acquire packs or even buy ethereum. Depending on the number of CTA tokens held, the player can choose from different options:

  • Minting NFT cards requires 10 tokens.
  • With 20 tokens, he can participate in tournaments and guild championships.
  • For 50 tokens, he has access to all parts associated with card rental.
  • 100 tokens, he can convert his NFT card to NFC. NFC ensures authenticity, provides asset history through transparent traceability. Also, it certifies the legitimacy of the cardholder. To this end, Cross The Ages works with Cardmarket to secure physical cards from the risk of fraud.
  • 500 tokens, he receives a free card each week which he can add to his collection.

Additionally, acquirers of CTA tokens benefit from a privileged access to real estate sales in the metaverse. Furthermore, it is a governance token of the project. In fact, as the game develops, the community is invited to participate in the development of the game. It must contribute to the construction of the Metaverse through voting and governance powers.

The utility of CTA tokens will be dynamically developed and improved to meet the needs and desires of our gaming community. This is to ensure the alignment of the interest of the gaming community, contributors and supporters and to guarantee the widespread use of CTA tokens.

Cross The Ages: from virtual to reality

Hybrid project developed over the long term and carried by enthusiasts, CTA is more than a collectible card game application. It aims to provide players with a unique adventure thanks to the creation of bridges between two worlds. It allows them not only to keep digital assets and NFT, but also to give them life and in the physical world. Indeed, through Cross The Ages, players can create tokens to convert them into physical items.

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Cross The Age: everything you need to know about this franchise, from novels to NFTs

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