Cryptocurrencies – Restoration: 8 addresses on the crypto and NFT theme to visit

Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin (BTC) has also caught on in the food industry. This is the case of The Wings and Rings chain, which has authorized its franchisees to suggest part of their services for BTC. But the innovation did not stop there: some establishments had gone so far as to draw inspiration from cryptocurrency to boost the aesthetics of their premises. Others do not hesitate to offer menus drawn from the principles of cryptocurrency or are content simply to accept payments in cryptos. Below is a list of 8 crypto and NFT themed restaurants to put under the magnifying glass.

Crypto and NFT themed fast food in Europe

1- Welly’s: an Italian fast food inspired by Shiba Inu

Welly’s is an Italian restaurant where you can pay for your burgers with cryptocurrencies, or more precisely the Shiba Inu. At the same time, this channel wants to be ” the first decentralized fast food company from NFT drops “. That is to say: aside from promoting SHIB, Welly’s also allows its customers other benefits like access to NFTs. Note that this idea of ​​connection with Shiba Inu is validated by Shytoshi Kusama, the main developer of SHIB.

Restaurants, Private US Clubs for Crypto and NFT Fans

2- Flyfish Club: first private NFT catering club

It is the world’s first private NFT dining club scheduled to open in 2023 in New York City. To be able to join it, and at the same time afford NFTs bearing the image of yellowfin tuna, sushi and sashimini, you must have a Flyfish Club NFT. Also note that the cost of joining the Flyfish club is 2.5 ETH, or $8,500, and count 4.25 ETH to be part of the Flyfish Omakase.

3- Crypto Street Restaurant: specialist in Hispano-American cuisine in Florida

Would you like a menu inspired by cryptocurrency developed by a restaurant nestled in an upscale place? If so, why not be tempted by Crypto Street, the restaurant in Clearwater Beach, nestled in the Residence Inn by Marriott hotel in Florida. It promotes cryptocurrencies in authentic ways: the Spanish-American menu is inspired by cryptographic assets and the decoration of the place contains elements of Bitcoin and Ethereum. If one day you pass by the area, think of having a salad ” DeFi caesar ” or one ” bitcoinana split “.

4- Piya: an NFT restaurant in Miami

Chef Bee, well known for his restaurant Oishi Thaï and a big fan of NFT, wants to launch his NFT restaurant in Miami under the name of Piyarat Potha Areeratn soon. Supported by Canadian Simon Librati, this NFT establishment project will include an omakase dining room, a casual space for NFT fans and a Thai cuisine restaurant. It will be a favorable place for better learns about NFTs, crypto trading, and various market information “.

5-Original Burger Boy

Backed by a long collaboration, restaurateur Luke Tabit and chef Brad Miller also plan to set up a restaurant with a crypto and NFT theme. Inside, customers will be treated to a perfect combination of cheese, sauce and patty, the basics for making an authentic burger. To launch Burger Boy, its promoters are inviting fans to buy NFTs from the eponymous collection. It will cost between 0.1 and 0.5 ETH to get one.

Cryptocurrencies Restoration 8 addresses on the crypto and NFT
Imminent Mint from Original Burger Boy’s NFT Collection

6- Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop: an NFT coffee shop in New York

This is a cafe that accepts cryptocurrency payments and is decorated with an NFT theme. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop features a display-equipped NFT storefront and a rotating NFT exhibit. Also, you should know that the Lion Milk café has a collection of 10,000 NFTs bearing the image of coffee, to be consumed without moderation.

Crypto and NFT themed restaurants and fast food joints in the United Arab Emirates

7- Goi Rolls: Vietnamese specialty NFT restaurant in the United Arab Emirates

Fans of Vietnamese spring rolls will have something to satisfy their palates at the NFT Goi Rolls restaurant in the United Arab Emirates. And if they opt for the NFT Goi Rolls, half of the acquisition values ​​can be exchanged for food in said restaurant. Currently, the NFT Goi Rolls collection is accessible on OpenSea.

8- Doge Burger: first crypto-themed restaurant in Dubai

It was in February 2022 that the city of Dubai offered itself this crypto-themed restaurant specializing in home delivery of burgers. Managed by Rocket Kitchens, this establishment operates on the principle of cloud kitchen » authorizing the purchase of food using cryptocurrencies. To be able to eat a hot dogs “, it will be necessary to pay Dogecoin (DOGE), Cronos (CRO), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ripple (XRP). Note that the packaging of the burgers highlights the words ” To the Moon ” and ” I love cryptocurrency “.

Now that your address book is well stocked with restaurants and establishments developing the crypto and NFT theme, all that remains is to try the culinary adventure with cryptographic flavors.

Source: CoinMarketCap

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Cryptocurrencies – Restoration: 8 addresses on the crypto and NFT theme to visit

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