Deal concluded: an NFT offered for sale in this Tuesday’s prime… but what is it?

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 3:52 PM – by Antoine GERMAIN

new premiumDeal done this Tuesday, March 29 on France 2: Sophie Davant, the auctioneers and the sellers of the show meet for a new journey through time. And tonight, viewers will witness an NFT going on sale. What is it about ? Explanations.

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Deal done go back (once again!) in time. This Tuesday, March 29, Sophie Davant and his team offer, from 9:10 p.m., a new bonus on France 2 where historical reconstructions and vintage costumes will have their place. “For this exceptional evening, each object will be appraised at the same time by two auctioneers staged in a different setting and according to several themes., says a press release from the Two. However, if this evening promises a leap in the past, it will also be questions of sale of particularly current objects, like an NFT.

The seller is called Frédéric, is 40 years old, and works as a real estate agent. In his spare time, he also enjoys photography. And recently acquired at the price of 250 euros an NFT of a work by Ted Chin, a photographer and digital artist based in San Francisco, whose work is bathed in surrealism and fantasy. The opportunity for experts toDeal done, Harold Hessel in the lead, to explain the craze around NFTs, this trend that is causing a lot of talk on the art market. Since February 2022, auctioneers can indeed sell NFTs in auction rooms.

A certificate of ownership

NFT comes from English: Non-Fungible-Token. Literally it means “non-fungible token”, i.e. not interchangeable. An NFT is a certificate of ownership, in fact, which is attached to an image, a video, a work of art or music. More specifically, it is therefore a tamper-proof digital file to which a certificate of authenticity is attached. It is stored on a digital wallet, it can be read on a screen, telephone, computer or TV, or even printed. To hold this token is to own this asset.

This system can work thanks to a “blockchain”, a certification register for storing and cross-referencing information securely. The goal is to create something unique, authentic and safe. This is the same technology used by cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. For many stakeholders, it generates new income, sometimes very significant. These immaterial and highly speculative assets have recently been able to reach very large sums on the market. Today, you can buy a number of performances there.

Without spoiler this new showDeal donelet’s remember that this attraction for novelty should also win over the experts of the France 2 magazine…

Deal concluded: an NFT offered for sale in this Tuesday's prime... but what is it?

© Gilles Gustine/FTV

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Deal concluded: an NFT offered for sale in this Tuesday’s prime… but what is it?

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