DeCir transforms the usefulness of NFT through innovative Web3 solutions for communities

The web3 space has undergone a considerable transformation over the last ten years. What began as an approach aimed at ensuring individual control over financial tools has thus evolved into a sector that has revolutionized certain aspects of human activities.

Today, web3 is synonymous with terms like decentralization and ownership, and has since come to fruition with things like decentralized finance (Challenge), decentralized autonomous organizations (CAD), non-fungible tokens, decentralized streaming, etc.

The concept of non-fungible tokens notably enables companies to launch personalized products and services for their communities, in a way that provides value to both projects and members.

Thus, NFTs have ushered in a new era of community building, in which members can become collaborators and projects can offer exclusive services while drawing on the diverse knowledge and expertise of their community, in order to foster shared prosperity.

DeCir (Decentralized Circle) is an innovative platform that helps businesses achieve more through NFTs. DeCir thus offers companies the right tools to create tokenized communities, without the need for blockchain engineers. This is possible thanks to a “drag-and-drop” interface, which turns images into membership tokens with predefined benefits.

Thanks to DeCir, projects will also be able to raise funds and make investments transparently through decentralized communities. Shared prosperity, resulting from collective collaboration, therefore guarantees that members of the community are not only consumers, but also collaborators who will work hand in hand with the projects to achieve the objectives set.

According to Tasuku Matsukura, founder and CEO of the platform, “DeCir aims to be the leader in the constant transformation of the global entrepreneurial landscape. NFTs will play a leading role in this evolution, as they will give all businesses – medium and large – the right tools to build strong relationships and personalized experiences for users. Thus, they will create a structure of mutual coexistence that will serve the interest of all parties”.

With DeCir, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) will be able to significantly maximize earnings for their members through the royalty splitting tool. The royalty divider thus helps DAOs to aggregate royalties on NFT marketplaces. This tool also helps DAOs manage the distribution of royalties from their treasury to all members listed as contributors to the NFT.

Additionally, Decentralized Circle gives NFT owners the best tools to integrate content from NFTs and hit them directly on their sites.

Mr. Matsukura also said that DeCir will transform all sectors of human interactions: “we envision a future where movies, games, music, sports, property and other spheres of human activity, operate in collaboration through collective ownership. Decentralized Circle will be at the heart of this scalable innovation.”

Projects can now launch their membership NFTs and decentralized organizations on the DeCir platform. To learn more about DeCir, meet here.

You can also go to the accounts Twitter and LinkedIn by DeCir.


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DeCir transforms the usefulness of NFT through innovative Web3 solutions for communities

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