Delta announces new service to help NFT users

Delta, an investment tracking app that allows users to monitor their stock and cryptocurrency portfolios is now entering the non-fungible token (NFT) realm with its NFT Explorer services. This is a first in the history of NFTs and Delta.

Delta’s vision for the future

Recently, in a press release, Delta announced that it plans to allow users of its services to track their NFT collections as well as their shares and the stock of cryptocurrencies they have. For this, it will set up a new update to which all users will have access. Once the update is installed, each user will be able to link their Web3 wallet to their fund tracking account.

For a start, Delta’s tracking services will not embrace all cryptocurrencies. They will only affect Ethereum wallets. However, the company has confirmed that its vision is to proceed with a enlargement by the end of the year. She expects the service to work for other blockchains and wallet mediums as well. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to explore the 18 million collections of NFTs in the world.

A great expansion of the NFT market

Delta joined the list of companies engaged in NFT only a few months ago. Yet, unlike many others who have decided to launch an NFT marketplace or collection, she has found a way to stay true to your niche by offering a function that corresponds to its grid of usual offers.

Although the concept of NFTs dates back to 2012, it took until the bull market of 2021 for it to become popular. Since then, NFTs have been part of all major brand promotions and event announcements. the NFT market boom has created an independent ecosystem worth billions of dollars. It should be noted that the experts are unanimous: this boom is not about to come to an end any time soon. On the contrary, the dynamic will not run out of steam according to them.

The growing popularity of NFT and Web3 products has prompted several major brands to venture into the decentralized world. Facebook has completely overhauled its branding, renaming itself Meta to show its interest in the metaverse. Meanwhile, investment banking giant JP Morgan has opened an office in the Web3 virtual world. Mark Zuckerberg has also confirmed that Instagram will soon add NFT features.

NFTs have clearly become must-have virtual objects for investors. In addition to large companies entering the industry, individuals decide to create collections of NFTs. To support them, Delta has announced the launch of a new service that will track NFTs and the stock of cryptocurrency each user has.

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Delta announces new service to help NFT users

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