Desperados unveils a collection of artistic bottles and NFTs!

Every year, the beer brand Desperados invites an emerging talent to reinterpret the label of its drink“Original”. The recent fruit of this creative and artistic project? 4,800 bottles featuring Lighton’s colourful, pop and street creations, as well as an ultra-limited series of NFT!

Desperados launches its new limited edition “Art Collection” with Lighton

This annual project – launched in 1999 by Desperados and the artist collective 9e Concept – honors the work of Lighton in a new limited edition. Three creations are therefore proposed to express three contemporary values: determination, union and wisdom.

Photo credit: Desperados

Note that this multidisciplinary artist, originally from Dijon and Parisian by adoption, mixes plastic creation and digital creation within a pop and street universe. His signature ? Characters with blue skin color and brightly colored compositions.

Similarly, note that Lighton, born in the 90s, claims to belong to a generation that grew up with the creation of images and references from artistic or advertising works that it accumulates in many forms. A vision shared by the MNSTR agency, which makes it a point of honor to place storytelling at the heart of all the campaigns it imagines on behalf of its clients, including Desperados.

The beer brand invites you to discover the world of digital art and NFTs with MNSTR

Accompanied by the MNSTR agency for 8 years, Desperados entrusts the latter with the 360° orchestration of this new edition called “ART COLLECTION by LIGHTON 2021” whose bottles, produced in limited numbers (4800 copies), can be discovered online since November 26, 2021. But that’s not all!

Indeed, after having explored augmented reality and virtual reality within the framework of previous limited editions, Desperados and the 9th Concept explore with the mentioned agency the potentials of the blockchain! These actors thus complete the project of an ultra-limited series of digital works in the form of NFT.

Photo credit: Desperados

“For this new collector’s edition ART COLLECTION by Desperados x 9e Concept, we use
the design of the bottle again to explore new territories of artistic expression, such as virtual reality, 3D or augmented reality. NFTs have become essential in the fields of art and design, it seemed necessary to us to seize this opportunity: the labels resulting from the Desperados x 9e Concept collaborations each time generate a strong enthusiasm with the general public and have made it possible to discover new artists and collect creations associated with the brand. This is where NFTs make sense: they make it possible to offer a digital and unique version of these collector’s works. » – Louis Bonichon, Co-founder and Co-director of creation and digital innovation at MNSTR

“For 22 years now, Desperados and the 9th concept artists’ collective have had the project of democratizing urban art by giving the artistic direction of the collector’s edition ART COLLECTION to emerging artists so that their work is widely distributed and seen. by a large number of people. By exploring all the dimensions of urban art and with the desire to position ourselves at the forefront by clearing up new trends, we have chosen to give the keys of our limited edition to Lighton and his unique style. Thus, the IRL design experience that Lighton offers on the three designs also takes on an unprecedented depth by finding an echo and a reality in digital via NFTs.” – Fabien Besse, Marketing Manager at Desperados

Photo credit: Desperados

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Desperados unveils a collection of artistic bottles and NFTs!

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