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What is TooneyChain?

TooneyChain is the new blockchain project that launched the first collection of NFTs dedicated to the 32 teams of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as well as their players. You can collect, trade and use your NFTs to show your support for your favorite teams and players.

It will be a considerable step forward that will improve the experience of sports fans, especially football. By creating a complete ecosystem that will take advantage of Web3, TooneyChain will offer football fans a more innovative and immersive experience.

The 2022 World Cup collection

The 2022 TooneyChain World Cup Collection will be TooneyChain’s first offering. It will consist of a maximum of 17,312 NFTs, will be divided into 32 teams playing the World Cup, with 26 players per team.

You will be able to access many packs on their official website which each contain 1, 5 or 11 NFTs. So you can benefit from a maximum of 11 NFTs in a single transaction!

TooneyChain’s NFT Pack Offering

TooneyChain packs contain players’ NFTs. The pack you choose to purchase determines the number of NFTs you will receive. They provide three types of packs:

  • The Standard pack which includes 1 NFT
  • The Pro Pack which includes 5 NFTs
  • The Legendary pack which includes 10 NFTs and a gift NFT

2022 TooneyChain World Cup Collection NFT Features and Rarity

Each NFT has evolving characteristics that allow it to increase in value over time and according to the performance of the corresponding player during the World Cup. The first collectors will therefore be able to benefit from an unprecedented opportunity.

NFTs nevertheless have a basic categorization according to their rarity.


One out of 26 out of 32 teams will fall into this category, making it the hardest NFT to find. Due to their rarity, they offer special benefits to their holders. Logically, these NFTs have more values ​​in the collection since they are rarer.

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Silver – extremely rare

Silver category NFTs are ranked 2nd in rarity. Each of the 32 teams of 26 players will have 10 participants in this group. Only 5 copies of each of the 10 players in this category will be issued.

Bronze (Rare)

Ten players from each team will be part of the Bronze category. And each will be issued in 10 copies. They are therefore not that rare after all!

Classic (Exclusive)

They are the most common, but they offer great potential. Using them correctly allows you to take advantage of them. The whole team is covered here. 15 copies of each of the 26 players in this category will be minted.

Taking into account the total number of NFTs that will be issued, here are the probabilities of falling on a category:

  • 0.28% for a Gold NFT
  • 9.24% for a Silver NFT
  • 18.48% for a Bronze NFT
  • 72% for an NFT Classic

Thus, TooneyChain is an attractive NFT collection for football fans and NFT collectors. You can join the adventure now before the main competition of 2022 begins.



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Do you know TooneyChain? The NFT collection for the world cup! – The ₿log

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