Dunamu And HYBE Set To Launch NFT Platform Despite Opposition From Kpop Fans

Dunamu and HYBE are set to launch Momentica, a “digital collectibles platform”, through their joint venture Levels, by the end of this month.

Users can buy and sell their digital cards of HYBE’s world famous artists through the e-commerce platform. They can also store their digital cards securely through the Levvels blockchain, which is powered by the low-carbon Luniverse blockchain, developed by Dunamu’s blockchain research subsidiary, Lambda 256.

“Momentica will become a digital playground platform where fans and artists can communicate in a whole new way,” said Levvels COO Jang Sung-chan. “The platform will also diversify fan experiences by introducing a series of entertainment factors, such as photo card collection and decorations. We will also expand service areas not only for art, but also for entertainment, games and sports. »

The two companies haven’t said exactly when the platform will be available to users, but Dunamu said it should make its official debut by the end of October.

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Levvels will host a special promotional event ahead of Momentica’s launch, offering free digital cards of K-pop idols — such as Seventeen, Fromis 9, and Le Sserafim — on a first-come, first-served basis.

Users can enjoy artists’ never-before-seen photos, voices and visual content by collecting digital cards offered by Momentica. They can also view and exchange them with other users on the platform.

Dunamu And HYBE Set To Launch NFT Platform Despite Opposition From Kpop Fans

Earlier, Dunamu CEO Lee Sirgoo also expressed high hopes for the NFT trading platform, identifying it as the company’s next major growth area amid the ongoing cryptocurrency slump here and there. abroad. Dunamu is the operator of Upbit, the dominant crypto exchange in Korea.

Dunamu will offer blockchain technologies for the joint venture, and HYBE, one of Korea’s biggest music labels managing K-pop superstar group BTS, is set to provide the intellectual property of its roster of artists. within the framework of the partnership.

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The launch of MOMENTICA will take place despite fan opposition to these digital collectibles, which will supposedly replace physical collectibles like music CDs, content DVDs and printed photos, as an environmental protection measure. . COO Jang also considers the move to be the right path for tech-savvy K-Pop fans.

Dunamu And HYBE Set To Launch NFT Platform Despite Opposition From Kpop Fans

“K-pop fans around the world are known for their sophisticated use of technology in everyday communication within their fan communities. To celebrate their passion, we’re excited to deliver a new digital experience that improves the way fans celebrate their favorite artists’ best moments through technology.

Our goal is to continually improve the fan experience, and we will continue to update and expand our services while maintaining a user-friendly and intuitive user interface (UI). » —Jang Sung Chan

Fans say they are not looking forward to the launch of this platform as they believe it will not be good for the environment.

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Dunamu And HYBE Set To Launch NFT Platform Despite Opposition From Kpop Fans

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