For a house in the metaverse purchased, a very real house offered (and vice versa)

News hardware For a house in the metaverse purchased, a very real house offered (and vice versa)

The second largest real estate agency in Belgium recently inaugurated the real estate market in the metaverse for a world first. Indeed, this Thursday, June 2 appeared a rather special announcement since it is indeed a real house nevertheless it is sold with its identical version in NFT, already built in the decentraland metaverse.

2 houses for the price of one

The exceptional residence located a stone’s throw from Tongres, in Belgium, will cost you the “modest” sum of €1,475,000, but at this price you have:

  • a plot of 7,683 m²
  • 3 rooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • but above all a totally virtual second home.

This virtual pavilion will be bequeathed by the Zimmo agency in the form of an NFT to the buyer of the physical house. The virtual house, modeled in the smallest details of interior decoration outside is already deployed on a virtual ground. This digital plot of land previously purchased by the agency for the occasion is accessible online on the famous Decentraland metaverse.

Decentraland House

A virtual house, why do it?

The digital copy of the Tongeren house will allow its owner to organize virtual events such as an art exhibition, mini-games or concerts directly on his virtual land. Be careful all the same at this price the virtual reality headset to make the most of the experience, is not provided…

Beyond the recreational and innovative aspect of the project, the investment could prove fruitful in a few years, if the metaverse takes a greater part in our lives. Let’s hope all the same that the virtual house does not one day exceed the price of the real house… This could make us think of Spielberg’s dystopian synopsis.

A smart investment

Currently priced at around €3,000 the NFT of the house on its Decentraland land will not allow all the notary fees to be recouped. Indeed, if the owner decides to part with it immediately, he can resell it on opensea or on the native marketplace of the metaverse against Ethereum.

Also, the holder of the NFT could very well decide to remove the house from its virtual land to build other things instead.

However, it might make sense for the lucky winner to ride the web3 craze by renting out their home in the metaverse for a host of events. Indeed, more and more brands are interested in this environment and are spending substantial sums to take part in this new Web3 market, the opportunity for the holder to obtain an annuity in order to best exploit the capacities of his virtual good.

Very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​setting foot in the metaverse, the Zimmo agency explains: “Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology have pushed virtual real estate up in the metaverse. At Zimmo, we find it normal to explore and adopt these innovations in order to offer our customers even more opportunities, including virtual ones. »

Discover the house and visit its digital double right here

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For a house in the metaverse purchased, a very real house offered (and vice versa)

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