FOREO launches new beauty trend NFT

FOREO the Swedish skincare and cosmetics brand creates the NFT LUNA collection. This new beauty market established on the web3 is offered for charitable purposes in large part. Then, we can liken the event to a kind of experimentation in the promotion of beauty products on the metaverse. FOREO is embarking on this path to study its future opportunities on the metaverse.

This type of market is indeed interesting for the major brands, whether in the fashion or cosmetics. Moreover, if renowned houses like Yves Saint Laurent Beauty tried the experiment, there is really material to be exploited on the web3 beauty market.

Even if companies often intend to start an experimental project when they integrate web3, they cannot ignore the receptivity of the public. For the LUNA project, for example, the approaches of the Swedish company are rooted in a subject that the majority is ready to defend. So what about this beauty NFT collection from FOREO?

FOREO launches LUNA NFTs

LUNA NFTs relate to a collection of health and beauty products exclusively manufactured by FOREO. These products are widely acclaimed by women around the world because of their real effectiveness. Its small home spa, for example, receives only praise on Amazon. It is with its high-tech and revolutionary products that FOREO seduces its customers.

The LUNA collection includes several products mixing the old with the new. It’s a collection to rediscover and better understand the brand’s initiatives. Collectors have a choice of 5 different NFTs products in this collection. Each product is then reproduced 50 times, which extends the possibility of acquiring true fans of FOREO’s LUNA range.

What can be done with these NFTs?

LUNA NFTs are non-fungible tokens to explore. These are digital objects that can be split under all facets in order to better understand their real versions. Customers experience products in greater depth with each NFT. This is an opportunity to discover the design, the effects, and the best ways to use the product.

Then, these NFTs aim to teach everyone how to integrate skin care routines into their daily lives. It is a kind of awareness about the importance of skin care. Moreover, scientists have discovered that the beauty of the skin can influence mental health. A more beautiful, more radiant skin would improve mental health.

Earnings used for charity

The proceeds from the auction of these NFTs as well as the profits from the latter will be donated to charity. FOREO plans to help the Tjejzonen, Hope Givers and Scleroderma Research Foundation associations with the funds raised. These institutions support several mental health causes.

After fashion industries like Gucci and Lacoste, it is therefore the cosmetics industry’s turn to invest in NFTs.


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FOREO launches new beauty trend NFT

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