Fortnite in the Wild West with NFT characters? Here is GRIT on the Epic Games Store!

News hardware Fortnite in the Wild West with NFT characters? Here is GRIT on the Epic Games Store!

This is a first for Epic Games which will welcome a brand new “competitor” of Fortnite, with NFTs. Gala Games, famous Web3 video game publisher, has announced the release of its battle royale GRIT on one of the biggest PC video game platforms. A first major step for games that integrate NFTs.

GRIT: A Fortnite with cowboys in NFT

Built on the powerful Unreal Engine, GRIT is a 3rd person battle royale set in the far west.

In this game, you play as a cowboy and, like a classic battle royale, you try to get the most equipment to eliminate your opponents on horseback or on dry land in order to be the last. urge.

Like Fortnite, several game modes will be available, including solo and duo.

Particularity here, the battle royale will be the first video game with NFTs to integrate the Epic Games Store. Indeed, the Gala Games game already offers a Inaugural sale of 10,000 NFT skins for in-game characters.

These skins, on the Ethereum blockchain, can be stored outside the game or resold at the discretion of the owners. Like a Counter-Strike skin but, in this case, it does not belong to the steam platform, because you actually own it thanks to the blockchain.

Do not panic if you do not have hundreds of euros to invest in this game, know that the battle royale wants to integrate a play-to-earn operation (play to win) to motivate future players and NFT owners.

Imagine a world where you start a game to earn money. Ready player one?

A partnership between Gala Games and Epic Games

This interesting initiative was able to exist thanks to the approach of Gala Games, a video game publisher based on blockchain technology which wishes democratize the use of blockchain in next-generation video games.

The gaming platform took advantage of its Galaverse event to convey the news. With this announcement, Gala Games intends to target players uninitiated in finance and blockchain.

Epic Games takes a first step towards NFTs

Surprising news, because in September 2021, the founder of Epic Games had not hidden his reluctance towards the NFT market.

Tim Sweeney said then:

“We’re not touching NFTs because the whole industry is currently enmeshed in a mix of scams, decentralized foundations, and more scams.”

In view of the countless collections of jpegs costing thousands of euros, the president of the successful publisher had been clear about not investing in this market for the moment, especially as it stands…

The market being less hysterical these days, the boss of Epic Games is finally letting go and believes that the time has come for the publisher to welcome games integrating NFTs into its catalog.

This position allows the publisher to stand out from its main competitor, Steam, which does not want to hear about NFT on its platform. A severe position for Steam, when we know that the marketplace model uses the codes of NFTs by depriving players of all property rights.

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Fortnite in the Wild West with NFT characters? Here is GRIT on the Epic Games Store!

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