Free Cryptos and NFTs in Abu Dhabi – Women invited to dabble in the web 3

Make way for ladies in web 3! Abu Dhabi attracts major crypto players, like Binancethanks to regulatory efforts who want to create an environment conducive to the growth of the sector. A new initiative aiming to make the cryptosphere more inclusive is expected to contribute to the development of the crypto ecosystem in the city and in the UAE.

Free crypto domain names for women in Abu Dhabi…

Access Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) have announcementin a press release dated June 2, 2022, their collaboration with domain name provider NFT, Unstoppable Domainsto provide a free crypto domain name to women residents of the Emirati capital.

The press release points out that the women only represent 5 to 7 % of all cryptocurrency users. They only constitute 12% blockchain workers. These figures contrast with the fact that 50% of small and medium enterprises in the Emirates are owned by women.

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… for greater female inclusion in web 3

This initiative by Unstoppable Domains and its partners aims to give the opportunity to women who reside in the capital of the United Arab Emirates to participate in web 3.

It was announced during the visit to Abu Dhabi of a delegation of “Women of Web 3”. The latter are a group of American women entrepreneurs who have specialized in disruptive technologies.

In addition, American women entrepreneurs specializing in Web3 technologies met, from May 24 to 26, with business leaders and key people in the Emirate’s ecosystem.

Through these free web3 domain names, Access Abu Dhabi, ADIO and Unstoppable Domains provide women with:

“(…) a decentralized web address and digital identity that gives them full control of their data and content in a space that belongs entirely to them. »

As for the interim general manager of ADIO, Eng. Abdulla Abdul Aziz Al Shamsihe considers that this partnership with Unstoppable Domains “embodies the Emirate’s promise of inclusion”.

A growing number of women working on cryptos and web 3 projects can only be favorable the development of the ecosystem in the medium and long term. NFTs are already being used today for causes aimed at theempowerment women. They have, for example, been used to support the right toeducation of afghan women. An NFT was also issued as a variation, in web3, of a statue that conveys a strong message in favor of women.

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Free Cryptos and NFTs in Abu Dhabi – Women invited to dabble in the web 3

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