From model to cyborg, Bella Hadid is now available… in NFT

(ETX Daily Up) – Bella Hadid is stepping into the metaverse with a new kind of NFT collection dubbed “CY-B3LLA.” In collaboration with reBASE, the world-renowned supermodel today lifts the veil on no less than 11,111 non-fungible tokens, spread over ten distinct cities, representing true works of art made from 3D scans of the body of the American. First destination: Tokyo.

Notice to Bella Hadid fans! The model with 53 million subscribers on Instagram offers her fans to get a little closer to their idol with a collection of NFTs bearing her image, although directly inspired by robotics. Not content with offering a small piece of herself to her fans, although virtual, Bella Hadid intends to create with this first foray into the metaverse a real community, and even more “a new world nation”. An idea that comes to her from her passion for gaming, and which germinated during the pandemic, a period during which the young woman wanted to explore this other life online.

These 11,111 NFTs – each drop associated with a world city will present exactly 1,111 – visually resemble works of art, with the use of new innovative styling techniques such as 3D body scanning. Scanned from head to toe, Bella Hadid saw the result gradually transform into NFT thanks to the participation of many creatives and artists. The first non-fungible token unveiled by the top model is strikingly real. She appears there as a cyborg, her body covered with rope, with a makeover inspired by Tokyo pop culture, the city to which the NFT is dedicated.

A meta-community, between love and sharing

But more than a work of art, it is for the star model to create a nation more pacifist than the world in which we evolve (really). “As we have been reminded too often, the universe we live in is imperfect. But I believe it offers a real opportunity to build a meta-community, sustained by peace, love, compassion and significant connections”, explained Bella Hadid on her Instagram account.

It is therefore not a question of keeping a simple NFT of Bella Hadid, but of using it as a passport for this fictitious parallel world. “I co-founded this collection because it’s not just about NFTs – they’re invitations to a new global nation. Each NFT features different and unique 3D scans of me, curated for you, that will be used in around the world. They were designed to encourage travel, community, growth, fantasy and human interaction.”

A fact that should delight her fans, these NFTs could also serve as a sesame to meet the top model, whether online or in person. Thanks to the metaverse, Bella Hadid intends to develop new ways to connect to her community, and enrich her interactions with many fans. To discover this collection:

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From model to cyborg, Bella Hadid is now available… in NFT

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