GTA 6: failing NFTs, in-game cryptocurrency?

We dissect a new rumor which speaks of an action in Brazil, in the cartels, in our time, and where the player can earn real money by doing missions.

Let’s put it in context: Tom Henderson previously claimed in 2021 that Rockstar was looking to introduce bitcoins in the game, much more than in the form of a simple parody (as with the stock market and the BAWSAQ in GTA V), in addition to NFTs. Therefore, the heart of this rumor a bit dated, but other info is associated.

An exclusive leak… with old rumours?

According to new supposedly ‘exclusive’ leaksfrom a Brazilian Rockstar leaker, the game would therefore use this in-game cryptocurrency system, would feature twinsa man and a woman, that the player could take alternately (a rumor that is also a bit dated), and, a real novelty this time, would bring the heroes to Brazil and the heart of the cartels, between Colombia and Miami. Oh no actually, the rumor from Brazil is also a bit old.

According to this source always, and as we have mentioned many times, the story would not be held in a previous decade but would take place in our time (I explained here why it would make the most sense), in the city of Carcer City.

He claims the game will be set in Carcer City, as well as Cuba, Colombia, and the Miami-inspired Vice City of 2002’s GTA: Vice City. Rockstar is reportedly focusing on improving gameplay and features where it makes sense to spend development time, rather than having the game span decades story-wise, a development task that is apparently “‘too demanding'” in comparison.

Carcer City previously appeared in another Rockstar IP – Manhunt.

GTA 6, a play to earn?

Regarding Bitcoins now, the game could offer to earn money in cryptocurrency through certain missions of the game. GTA 6 would thus become one of these new play-to-earn, a game based on the blockchain and which allows its users to get really rich by simply playing. To do this, you would have to go through the GTA stock market system, a way to make your investment grow as well.

As you can see, most of this rumor swings between improbable and “would surprise me,” so let’s leave it to Tom Henderson to come back to the crypto side of the game:

“It’s just rumors of a game with tormented development”he ends, announcing do not have more info than since the 2021 leak. And we believe it much more than the rest of the rumors of the day. As for the date, nothing is changing either, according to the latest news, it was planned between 2024 and the end of the world.

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GTA 6: failing NFTs, in-game cryptocurrency?

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