Guerlain launches its cryptobees on Tezos: an NFT for good project

While the entire ecosystem is shaken by many debates around sustainable development and biodiversity, the blockchain for good does exist. Some use NFTs or even metaverses to defend humanitarian causes, help countries at war or promote biodiversity. This is partly what Guerlain seeks to demonstrate, which is launching its brand new collection of 1828 Cryptobees, its virtual bees in the form of NFT. These bees are there to support a rewilding project in the Vallée de la Millière nature reserve in France. The Guerlain house does not stop there since it is launching a Réaverse, that is to say a mix between real and virtual, all on the Tezos blockchain.

Guerlain, the cryptonative to the rescue of biodiversity

The collection, which Guerlain calls the Reverse, features four “rarity” levels with unique graphics (8 super rare, 20 rare, 500 fairly rare, and 1300 normal, depending on the brand). Cryptobees will cost from 20 to 250 tez (XTZ), the cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain. XTZ would be less power-hungry than most blockchains. Currently, this equates to an amount between approximately 70 and 890 euros, at the time of writing this article. They will go on sale at the end of April on the NFT marketplace The brand has also opened a Twitter account, @guerlain_nft.

@Guerlain Cryptobees NFT

If it is true that the CEO of the LVMH group, Bernard Arnault, remains quite cautious on the question of the metaverse, many brands belonging to him have already taken the plunge. The luxury conglomerate’s houses – including Givenchy and Fendi – have tested a slew of NFT projects in recent months. Guerlain’s NFTs are meant to “bring nature back to life in the real world”, indicates the mark. Buyers of Cryptobee will therefore own a digital work of art and will obtain advantages, including access to the nature reserve. »

@Guerlain Cryptobees NFT

The project builds on Guerlain’s initiative in 2021, when the house auctioned off a series of NFT artworks to support the Vallée de la Millière project. The project, created by photographer, director and member of the LVMH advisory board Yann Arthus-Bertrand, involves rehabilitating 28 hectares of land. The area is used by researchers working on reducing human impact on ecosystems. Nowadays, more than 350 animal and plant species have already been identified. Guerlain also has a women’s beekeeping entrepreneurship program as part of LVMH’s partnership with UNESCO. An initiative far from being isolated and which is thus truly part of a longer-term strategy.

Buying a cryptobee therefore amounts to allowing the associated plot to be rewilded and therefore allowing real bees to be able to settle there in safety.

The advent of NFTs for good

Guerlain is not the only luxury house or brand to embark on the euphoria of NFTs and the Metaverse. Better still: several projects have already made an impression through their commitment to an environmental or societal cause. Blockchain for good is no longer just an old fantasy, it has become a reality, both technologically and in projects.

In the field of charity or humanitarian aid, more and more donations are made through crypto-fundraising programs such as UNICEF, for example.

The artist, now world famous for his Beeple digital works, has released an “Everydays” series as an NFT collection. The first 5,000 were sold for $69 million. Beeple’s artwork ‘OCEAN FRONT’ was purchased for $6 million and proceeds from the artwork were donated to the Open Earth Foundation. This nonprofit foundation fights climate change by using technologies and collaborations to help create a stronger, healthier world.

Many artists also agree to launch NFTs with meaning and a positive impact for many organizations. Blockchain for good is therefore a promising axis for the appropriation of this technology and the democratization of its uses to the greatest number. Guerlain is a good example of the possibilities offered by Web 3, even more in the defense of a cause.

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Guerlain launches its cryptobees on Tezos: an NFT for good project

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