Immortal Game raises 15.5 million to play chess with NFTs

Posted Sep 21, 2022, 4:30 PM

“Adapting one of the oldest games in the world to the latest technologies”. This is how Thomas Zaepffel sums up Immortal Game, the start-up he founded in 2021. While online chess games have never had so many players, the platform co-founded by this Frenchman intends to surf on this success by adding a Web3 dimension to it.

Immortal Game has just completed a $15.5 million fundraising round led by TCG crypto alongside Cassius, Greenfield One, Sparkle Ventures, 35V, Blockwall, Kraken Ventures, and Spice Capital.

The project also counts among its supporters figures from the Web3 ecosystem, in particular Sébastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox , Brian O’Hagan, head of growth at Sorare and Julien Bouteloup, the founder of Blackpool and head of Stake Capital. Scott Frank, the producer of the series “Le jeu de la dame” on Netflix is ​​also one of the advisers of the young shoot.

A game within the game

Immortal Game is an online chess game platform based on the play-to-earn , a model that allows you to earn money by playing. A marketplace is accessible directly on the platform for players to buy and resell (in cryptocurrencies) useful items for the gaming experience.

In Immortal Game, pawn, bishop, queen, queen or knight are available in the form of NFT with each their particularity. The goal is always to checkmate, but NFT pieces have specific quests that allow you to earn more points depending on the difficulty.

“For example, you have to make a determined move with a bishop or have to take a certain number of opponent’s pawns with a knight. If this objective is achieved during the game, the player earns additional points in addition to the victory,” explains the leader. A game within the game that allows you to earn extra points to climb the leaderboard faster.

Players can then resell their NFT to other players and thus monetize the time spent on the game. It is also possible to borrow or lend NFT to other players in order to generate additional income.

Content production

As for Sorare, the start-up is remunerated with NFT sales or takes a commission on the secondary market. Technically, the platform is associated with Immutable X, a gaming protocol developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Since June 2022, the company has generated 200 ethers in transaction volume on its marketplace, or 250,000 euros at the current price.

Chess games have experienced a very strong resurgence in popularity in recent years, especially after the success of the Netflix series “The game of checkers” in 2020., the first online platform in the world has more than 90 million members, with 5 million additional players in 2021. Still very far from these figures, Immortal Game currently claims several tens of thousands of registered players and a thousand daily players.

To increase its user base, the start-up has established partnerships with streamers on Twitch and around fifty Grandmasters.

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Immortal Game raises 15.5 million to play chess with NFTs

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