Influencers and tourism boards love NFTs

The usefulness of influencers is well established and in some areas, these 2.0 celebrities are really making things happen. Also, it’s no big surprise to know that travel-themed influencers are encouraging people to appropriate NFTs for tourism purposes. Moreover, influencers and tourist offices rely on NFTs and here are the details.

Young people take initiative

A young start-up specializing in web3 entered into a partnership with the Dunkirk tourist office recently. Moreover, in this partnership, they embarked the Moonwalkers, a couple of influencers. Together, these three entities want to create revenue for other influencers and “create” loyal travelers. Note that the start-up bearing the name of WYTLAND is not only specialized in web3, it also works in the tourism sector. We can speak of an intelligent initiative and we can congratulate ourselves on the fact that it is young people who are behind it.

The relationship between NFT and tourism

This partnership is a win-win situation for everyone. Indeed, with the NFTs the tourist office aims to avoid mass tourism. The WYTLAND company wants to promote the work of young artists and the Moonwalkers want to retain their followers. As for those who receive the NFTs, they could build up a collection of NFTs and moreover, they will get exclusive offers with their NFTs. Note that this initiative is mainly intended for the youngest, although everyone can be entitled to it. Of course, local artists will be best valued during this project.

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How the distribution of NFTs works

For the moment, we know that WYTLAND and the tourist office have signed an agreement for WYTLAND to create NFT collections for the web3 generation. These NFTs will become collector’s items thanks to which one obtains a certain number of advantages in the Dunkirk region. In addition, to promote NFTs, Moonwalkers enter the scene and their followers will be entitled to exclusive content in addition to the advantages mentioned above. In addition, the money obtained by the sale of NFT will be donated to associations.

Next year, these partners want to create, promote and sell unique NFTs, made for the Dunkirk festival. We also know that the Moonwalkers influencer couple rely on their 38,000 fans and followers to buy these NFTs and promote tourism in Dunkirk. In short, these influencers have nothing to envy to Karlie Kross and they have everything to gain in this project…


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Influencers and tourism boards love NFTs

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