Instagram Stories will get NFT tets with Spark AR

Humanity is slowly moving towards the web3 and currently, all the major internet players are offering NFTs and are gradually migrating to blockchains. Moreover, even Yves Saint Laurent has its own NFTs. Today, it’s the turn of Instagram, one of the flagship products of the great Meta. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that with Spark AR, Instagram stories could enter a new reality. Here are the details…

The Meta company: who is it?

Meta is the company that currently owns Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Meta Quest and its official name was revealed in 2021. The creator and leader of Meta chose this name, in reference to the metaverse. As a reminder, the metaverse is a digital parallel mode that would allow the average Internet user to be an actor in a virtual world, rather than a simple consumer of content.

The Meta company is ambitious and all its actions since its existence are carefully chosen to progress in the metaverse. Moreover, when we talk about metaverse, we cannot close our eyes to Web3. Indeed, that’s what it’s all about, using the internet and developing tools to make concrete progress towards web3 and the company Meta wants to be one of the pioneers; it’s going well.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision, Meta, blockchain and web3 go together perfectly, although things are still unclear at the moment.

Meta starts testing NFTs on Instagram Stories with Spark AR

Since May, the leader of Meta has announced that the NFT tests will begin and lately we know that the first tests will be carried out on Instagram. Later, Facebook will join the process, but for the moment it is known that the tests will be carried out with the company Spark AR. In any case, the purpose of these tests is to allow consumers and creators of NFTs to share them on Instagram.

The first tests will begin in the coming days on Instagram simply by allowing the creators of NFTs to offer them to users. In turn, users could appropriate them and collect them to display in their profile pictures. Meta wants to follow in the footsteps of Twitter which has recently integrated Ethereum wallets into their users’ profiles so that they can buy and use NFTs.

For the moment, there is no question of a crypto wallet linked to this test project, but knowing Meta, it will be necessary to prepare for it…

Don’t think this web3 thing is just a joke; it is a reality that is gradually taking hold. Besides, if you want to take part today, take an interest in NFTs; better yet, buy your first NFT. Similarly, also take an interest in cryptocurrencies and the correlation that exists between cryptocurrencies and NFTs, it is quite possible that you will find all of this fascinating!


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Instagram Stories will get NFT tets with Spark AR

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