Interview: Capsule Corp Labs helps companies identify use cases for useful NFTs

Capsule Corp Labs develops “utility” NFTs. How would you define them in relation to the NFTs that we already know?

Capsule Corp Labs brings a paradigm shift in the way NFTs are used. Despite their recent success and some spectacular examples, NFTs have so far been mostly collectors items. Their operation is very similar to that of the art market, based on a rarity value. We believe, for our part, that NFTs will increasingly have a utilitarian value. Gradually, companies will take NFT into their web3 value proposition as they had previously integrated the classic web2 tools, pdf, jpeg and others. Our mission is to support them in the identification of use cases specific to their activity, in the design of their NFTs and in their deployment.

What types of companies are pioneers in this field?

The new generation of NFT will initially be used in the development of sectors such as video games, music and entertainment, and of course the metaverse. Then gradually, we believe that they will spread to other sectors of activity. Our role is to facilitate this transition from web2 to web3 which can be technologically complex. To do this, Capsule Corp Labs functions as both a start-up studio and a web3 consultancy. We offer a “business as a service” model by providing client companies with human and technological resources: developers, product managers

Do you rely for this on Ternoa, a dedicated blockchain?

Capsule Corp Labs is both a subsidiary and the main integrator of Ternoa, a so-called “layer 1” blockchain infrastructure. Open-source and decentralized, Ternoa provides developers with an independent infrastructure that allows them to create useful NFTs.

What companies have you worked with so far?

In the space of 6 months, Capsule Corp Labs has already supported 3 NFT start-ups in launching their product, enabling them to generate several hundred thousand euros in sales each. The second strategic axis is advice to companies in the implementation of their web3 solutions. Capsule Corp Labs notably participated in the launch of 20 Mint, the free media dedicated to the Blockchain of 20 Minutes which stood out for the success of the sale of 999 NFT typewriters which financed the operation while bringing together a community of enthusiasts.

We also supported the publisher Editis in identifying use cases that enabled the launch of its web3 transformation project. We should also mention Notaires de France, for whom we have designed and developed a solution for the transmission of digital assets, in particular allowing the storage of private content in NFTs. For the Wonderbox gift box specialist, we have identified solutions for securing the resale of virtual boxes. Finally, we have worked with a leading group of video games and other companies that we cannot name yet.

What is the objective of the fundraising that you have just announced?

We have just completed a seed round of 7.3 million euros, including 4.8 million in equity with Omnes, two specialized funds, REVAM and Digital Finance Group, and French business angels from the ecosystem. web3. The operation was completed by the sale of tokens from Ternoa, our parent company, in the amount of 2.4 million euros which are contributed to Capsule Corp Labs. The operation will enable us to change scale by strengthening our R&D and expanding our teams, which should increase from around thirty to around sixty people. The objective is clearly to become one of the references of web3 in the short term.

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Interview: Capsule Corp Labs helps companies identify use cases for useful NFTs

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